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When to Replace Your Sofa Cushions

An overwhelming majority of people are spending more time at home to stay safe and to protect others from contracting COVID-19. As you spend more time on your couch, than usual, I would like to provide you with some information on when to replace your sofa cushions. They may no longer support you or give you the comfort that you so desperately seek during these difficult and uncomfortable times.

Many people continue to use their chair or sofa cushions a lot longer than they should. Most often they procrastinate and do nothing because they think they have to replace all the furniture (the sofa, chair and loveseat) when in fact just by replacing the foam cores could make a world of difference.

Before and after sofa cushions

Here are signs that you need new foam cushions

1) Your sofa is over 5 years old
The age of your sofa is one of the first things to consider. Most people don’t remember when they bought their upholstered furniture. If you are not good at keeping files, you should write the date on the back of the foam inside your cushion. Consumer Reports magazine recommends replacing your new original foam cushions in the first 3 to 5 years. This may be a shock to many people but you should know that most OEM foam is a plastic-based polyurethane foam that starts to soften after the first 6 months of use.

2) You don’t feel rested when you get up from the couch
If you fall asleep on the couch and you find yourself holding your back when you get up, chances are that your foam cushions are not supporting you properly. While you are trying to rest, your body is working overtime to maintain your spine in its natural alignment and to find a comfortable resting position that does not exist. As the foam cores lose their compression (if not their shape) your mid-section, which represents the heavier part of your body, will sag into the sofa.

3) Other places feel more comfortable
If you find yourself going into another room, the lesser-used living room instead of the mostly-used family room, this is a fairly good indication that you should consider buying new sofa cushions for your family room. The same goes if you find that you are more comfortable when you go to friends or a relative’s house and sit on their new sofa. Your sofa should be comfortable and supportive. It should give your body a rest and some time to relax and fully recover. Replace your sofa cushions and improve the quality of your rest and relaxation time.

Bad back from sofa

4) You have a visible and noticeable sag
Sagging can occur on top or below your cushions. The springs in the sofa deck can break down and lose their support factor. If that happens, the foam cushions on top will also sag and take the shape of the weaker springs below. In this case, you would need to fix the sofa deck before you can make a call on the cushions.

However, chances are that you need new cushions if the sofa deck has sagged and you still haven’t replaced your original foam cushions. Springs should last longer than foam unless you have bought a High Resiliency grade like Koosh Natural¬†which will keep its shape and firmness much longer than conventional polyurethane grades.

5) You are suffering from bad dust allergies
If you find that your allergies seem worse when you are laying on your couch, it may be an indication that it’s time for new cushions. Dust mites are one of the leading causes of allergens and they thrive in mattresses and in sofa cushions.

Our Smart iFoam is made with silver ions that deter dust mites and bed bugs alike. However, dust mites love to hibernate and multiply in the polyester fibre layer that is used to wrap foam cushions. Using a dust mite resistant inner cover and frequently vacuuming and washing your exterior covers can also help alleviate dust mites and extend the life of your cushions.

6) Is your foam safe and free from off-gassing?
Natural soy-based foam does not off-gas like some of its predecessors. You should know that all foam is not created equal and that prior to 2014 foam was made with flame retardants like PBDEs and TRIS. The off-gassing from these chemicals created a toxic environment in your home. Is your foam toxin-free? If your furniture was made before 2014, chances are that it may not be. You have to wear a mask outside but not inside, too!

7) Are your sofa cushions too soft or too firm?
A lot of people pay very good money to buy upholstered furniture with feather cushions. However, as much as they originally liked the shabby sheik look, they quickly discovered that the cushions were too soft and did not provide proper support.

On the other hand, people that have experienced soft cushions tend to go to the other extreme and often over-compensate and go with something that is way too firm. Choosing the right firmness can be complicated but not if you take the time to get to know your foam first.

Keep in mind, a softer cushion would help to relieve pressure points in your seat and hips but a firmer cushion will give you better support and lower back pain relief. If you suffer from both those things equally, then you may want to order a layered cushion that can do both. Contact us and we will help you with that before you order foam online and have it delivered directly to you anywhere in North America.

Final Word

If you want some tips for choosing a new mattress, you should get a proper Sleep Analysis from a comfort and sleep expert that can make you a custom mattress, using the best and most natural comfortable ingredients, at a great factory-direct price.

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Stay Comfortable. Get the most rest and relaxation from your upholstered furniture or mattress, by sitting or sleeping on Real Comfort ingredients and not the light-weight fluffy stuff that others select for you!

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