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I am not at all impressed with retail mattress stores and their lack of transparency. They lack knowledge when it comes to foam and comfort products. Instead of educating people, it has been my experience (and I have read) that big mattress makers would rather sell fluff (lower quality foam) at inflated prices than materials that will last! - France F., Belleville, ON

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Dr. C.G. Tsiapalis recommendation
Dr. C.G. Tsiapalis
Vaughan, ON

They make custom mattresses that other manufacturers can only dream about. We sleep on a Foamite mattress and refer our patients too.

Sleep right with Foamite
Cassie & Shaun N. Stouffville, ON

The amount of research you put into figuring out what mattress was best for both of us truly blew our mind. Sleep right with Foamite!

what Interior Designer says about foamite
Trudy G., Interior Design
Oakville, ON

Our family has been sleeping on Foamite for over 20 years. They know comfort better than a mattress store and use it to help you sleep better.

Mattresses shoppers are happy at foamite
Deanne and Paul S. Markham, ON

Mattress shopping is very confusing and complicated. We liked the way that they explained everything to us from the inside out.

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Foamite Mattresses

My dad always said...

Buy a good mattress and a good pair of shoes, because if you are not on one you are on the other.
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