Foam & Mattress Delivery

Delivery or Take it and Go

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  1. Most square or rectangular cuts of foam can be picked up the next day they are ordered.
  2. We can compress and roll pack foam or mattresses to one-third their size to save you money on shipping costs.
  3. Stock mattresses can be picked up the same day or delivered to the GTA within 3 days.
  4. Custom mattresses are available within two weeks of order.
  5. Foam mattresses can be folded to fit in the back seat of your car.
  6. No charge for delivery, for Toronto orders over $1,000. If we can deliver during regular business hours, and if we have Wholesale accounts nearby.
Simon Comprssion Roll Pack

King size mattress compressed to fit small box for lower shipping costs across North America

company that delivers their own mattresses

Our drivers are waiting...

We deliver what we make using our own fleet of trucks and courteous company trained drivers. All our foam and mattresses are packaged in plastic. Unlike spring mattresses, good quality foam mattresses can be folded to fit most cars, and all SUV’s, mini-vans or light trucks.

Most of our mattresses are made to order. It takes approximately 2 weeks to make your mattress. However, we do carry stock of our most popular mattresses and delivery can be arranged to anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area within 3 days of the order date.

There is No Charge for delivery, in the GTA, if your order exceeds $1,000 and we can deliver it to you during the week (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm) with one driver when he is in your area delivering to one of our many wholesale trade accounts. Please contact us for further details.

Uncovered foam can be compressed and roll packed and reduced to one-third its size. This makes it more economical to ship via courier or even Canada Post.

That's not a Foamite mattress blocking traffic

Have you heard the traffic reports about all those mattresses that are blocking traffic on the highways? Well, we can assure you that they are not Foamite Mattresses.

Our mattress can be folded in half, without harming them, and put in the back seat of your car. Here is a picture of a Foamite customer that put a Queen Mattress in his Mini Cooper. So, if your car is bigger than that you will have no problem picking it up from us.

Mattress in a box

For out-of-town customers your mattress will be wrapped in plastic, compressed, roll packed, and put into a box. To keep the mattress from softening we do this the day before the mattress is shipped. We also recommend that you unpack it within 10 days of shipping and give the foam or mattress 24 hours to come back to its original shape.

Our mattresses have been shipped throughout North America, and taken to Europe and Asia (in containers) by satisfied customers who have previously slept on a custom Foamite mattress.

Foam cut while you wait. Mattresses available for immediate pick up.

folded mattress in small car van suv