Synergy 3-Layer Mattress

Stop Waking Up Tired

The Perfect Balance of Genuine Comfort and Deep Down Support

Everybody deserves a custom mattress that is specifically made for them. The most comfortable mattress is one that is made specifically for you based on your weight, preference, and back condition.

Our Synergy mattress combines higher density foam in different levels of firmness for initial softness and deep down support. The transitional layer between topper and core will allow your body to gradually transition from a softer topper to a firmer core. Without it you would go right through the soft topper and feel the firmer core under it. Starting from $249.

Mattress Layers

1. Exterior Cover - covers are important but what’s inside matters
2. Fireshield Barrier - self-extinguishing natural fire barrier liner
3. Softer Topper - for initial comfort and pressure point relief
4. Transition Layer - gradual transition between topper and firmer core
5. Firmer Core - for better support and natural spine alignment
6. Firm Edges - firmer border around mattress for better edge support
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Synergy 3-Layer Mattress

Chances are you need better sleep. Do you suffer from back pain? Are you tossing and turning due to uncomfortable pressure points? Are you waking up tired? Are your partner's movements keeping you awake? Where are you at in your mattress life cycle and what kind of Mattress Problems have you had in the past?

As a foam and mattress manufacturer we know comfort and what you need to sleep better for a longer. At the very least you can improve the quality of your sleep by sleeping on the right firmness, on a layered mattress that provides you with genuine comfort, gradual transition and deep-down support for lower back pain relief and better spine alignment. By shopping factory direct you can afford superior quality at a reasonable cost. We will give you the best value and help you with solutions for your mattress problems.

Your custom Foamite mattress will only be compressed, if necessary, on the day it is shipped to you. If you unbox your mattress within 10 days of shipping it will avoid any premature softening. Depending on unboxing or shipping time, we can even make your mattress a little firmer to begin with to offset any softening from the compression and roll pack process. You can’t get this kind of knowledge or service from a warehouse or mattress store.

Everybody deserves a custom mattress that is specifically made to suit their needs. Our Synergy Mattress is scientifically layered to give you the following benefits.

The Synergy Mattress is Designed to:

  1. Relieve pressure point with a softer topper so that it contours to the shape of your body. An overly firm mattress does not take the shape of your body.
  2. Transition between a softer topper and a firm or extra firm core.
  3. Support your weight, provide lower back pain relief, and maintain your spine in its natural alignmen.
  4. The right firmness for your weight, preference and back condition.
  5. Made with natural ingredients that are non-allergenic and dust mite resistant.
  6. These exclusive Ecofriendly High Resiliency (HR) or High-Density (HD) grades are guaranteed to last.
  7. Made with two different firmness’s to accommodate couples with different wants or needs on the same mattress.

The right combination for you can be easily determined by simply requesting a Sleep Analysis or by calculating your Ergo Number Firmness on the Synergy Buy Now page.

Grey Vine

Maintain proper spine alignment

Your sleep surface should hold the spine as close as possible to its natural alignment regardless if you are a side or back sleeper.

Recommended by Doctors Preferred by back pain sufferers

Foamite Comfort Guarantee

Your mattress is guaranteed to maintain its original shape and comfort for the lifetime of the warranty on your grade of foam.
See Foam Grades for details.