Adjustable Beds

Transform your ordinary flat bed into an adjustable sleep system that can adjust to your every comfort need!

Electric Adjustable Beds are used and enjoyed by a great number of individuals without medical or mobility conditions.

Foamite has chosen the S-Cape Adjustable bed system because it is the highest quality, most popular, trouble-free, and affordable Adjustable Bed base in the market. It works perfectly with our premium line of foam and memory foam mattresses.

It includes a cordless remote control, wave massage, sleep timer and so much more.

Foamite's Adjustable Sleep System

Nowadays, people buy adjustable beds to help adjust their comfort while resting, working or watching TV. Many people find adjustable beds very helpful for certain medical conditions and for pain, which can be easily relieved simply by changing your body's center of gravity. Head and foot elevation improves circulation and relieves lower back pressure.

Whatever reasons you have for getting an adjustable bed, the bottom line is that sleeping in the right position on a properly configured Foamite mattress will make you better rested and more productive the following day.

You can purchase your Adjustable Bed from telemarketers, a retail store, a Home Show dealer, a reseller or a specialty supply store or you can pay much less by coming directly to the Foamite Factory Showroom where we will give you the best deal on Adjustable Beds.

Features and Specifications

various adjustable bed positions
Cordless remote Back lit remote for enhanced night time viewing and LED signal to confirm signal transmission.
Built-In Massager Massage unit is built into the foundation for extra quiet operation and improved massage action. Massage whole body or specific areas.
Headboard Bracket Allows you to attach your existing headboard.
Head & Foot Articulation Both head and foot sections are adjustable separately with two lift motors.
Plywood Base Platform For strength and durability. High-density foam on plywood prevents bottom of mattress from wearing pre-maturely.
Locking Casters Four twin wheel casters lock into place and provide greater stability.
Mattress Retainer Located at Foot of Bed, it keeps mattress in place during movement.
Proper Spacing Between all moving parts prevent pinching
Durable Materials High carbon steel frame for trouble free performance
Warranty 20 Year limited warranty
Available Sizes: Twin (38 x 75), XL Twin (38 x 80), Double (54 x 75), XL Double (54 x 80), Queen (60 x 80), Dual King - 2 pieces (38 x 80), Dual Cal-King - 2 pieces (36 x 84).