Mattress Specials

Why buy a mattress at a mattress store when you can go to Foamite for so much more?

We make the foam and the mattresses. By shopping Factory Direct you can get the best quality, selection and price.

We also offer further discounts for mattresses that are mass produced for commercial applications, such as: Hotels, Motels, Camps, Dormitories and other Institutions. Available, off the rack, for immediate pick-up or delivery.

The only way that retail sleep stores can beat our price is by offering you cheaper grades of foam or spring cores that are mostly air and that lack comfort. Come in and get comfortable, for real!

1. GOMA Latex Hybrid - 9" thick with Visco Natura Quilted Cover

Visco Natura Mattress Cover
Single 9 x 39 x 75 $759
Double 9 x 54 x 75 $979
Queen 9 x 60 x 80 $1,089
King 9 x 76 x 80 $1,529
  • Orthopedic Layering
  • Natural Latex Toppers
  • Firmer BioFoam Core
  • Firm Edges for better support
  • Quilted Visco Natura Cover
  • Available in Ergo #26 (Medium) or Ergo #33 (Medium Firm)
  • 10 year Warranty

2. MEMO Memory Foam - 8" thick with Bamboo cover

Single 8 x 39 x 75 $695
Double 8 x 54 x 75 $889
Queen 8 x 60 x 80 $989
King 8 x 76 x 80 $1,379
  • Heavy Memory Foam Topper
  • Medium BioFoam transition in between soft & firm layers
  • Firm Edges for better support
  • Stretchy Bamboo Cover
  • Available in Ergo #21 (Med Soft) or Ergo #31 (Med Firm)
  • 10 year Warranty

3. FOMA Multi-Layered - 9" thick with Visco Natura Quilted Cover

Single 9 x 39 x 75 $549
Double 9 x 54 x 75 $729
Queen 9 x 60 x 80 $895
King 9 x 76 x 80 $1,195
  • Orthopedic Layering
  • Contains eco-friendly BioFoam
  • Convoluted Toppers
  • Firm Core and Firm Edges
  • Quilted Visco Natura Cover
  • Available in Ergo #26 (Medium) or Ergo #35 (Medium Firm)
  • 10 year Warranty

4. ECOCELL Mattress Toppers - 3" thick with Bamboo covers

Single Double Queen King
$219 $269 $319 $389
  • The foam used in our toppers is eco-friendly, higher density and available in a number of different compressions to suit your needs
  • Toppers can be made from any one of our 45 different grades of foam alone or combined together
  • We do not recommend memory foam toppers on old spring mattress cores that have lost their comfort zone
  • Memory foam is very soft, you will go through it and feel the lumps created by the quilting materials and the springs

5. Dorm Mattresses - 4" or 6" thick with Commercial Cotton cover

Size Single Double Queen
4″ $219 $295 $359
  • Made with foam that is 50% heavier than conventional spring mattress toppers
  • Available in many different compressions at the same price
  • You can order a two-layer mattress for $35 more i.e. a softer topper on a firmer core
  • 10 year Warranty

6. Sofa Bed Mattress - 4" thick with Bamboo cover

Double Size Queen Size
52″ x 72″ $349 59″ x 72″ $395
  • High density foam in a medium firm compression
  • Easy to fold. Will not crease, when folded, like cheaper foam grades that sell in stores.
  • You won't feel the bed springs
  • Quilted Bamboo cover for added comfort
  • 10 year Warranty

7. Camp Mattress - 4" thick with Vinyl cover

Small Single U.S. Twin
30″ x 72″ $195 36″ x 72″ $229
Small Single U.S. Twin
30″ x 72″ $195 36″ x 72″ $229
  • Durable heavy duty automotive grade vinyl that can be easily cleaned and maintained
  • You can choose the level of firmness based on your weight and preference

8. Crib Mattress - 5" thick with Natural EcoFoam and Bamboo cover

Ecocell Core Koosh Natural
28″ x 52″ $259 28″ x 52″ $329
  • Koosh Natural is certified pure and contains no harmful chemicals or substances
  • Cheaper impostors, that are less natural, sell in Baby Boutiques Downtown for $549.

* Please Note: Colours of foam and type of covers may change based on availability at time of production. Please call for details.

9. Z-Mat Reversible

Z-Mat Reversible Mattress
  • Mini mattress that can be pulled out for occasional use
  • Great for sleepovers and overnight guests
  • Durable vinyl bottom for camping use
  • Comes with reusable storage bag
  • Made with high density foam so that you won't feel the ground
  • Use as a mat for exercising
  • Commercial cotton top cover for a more comfortable sleep
  • Made with better quality foam than what's available in stores
  • Compact, foldable and reversible
  • Flat Size - 3" x 30" x 72"
  • Folded size - 9" x 24" x 30"

10. FomaGoma Loungers

Wellnewss Neck Wedge
We make you more comfortable by using better foam!
Single 34" x 42" x 42" $159
Double 42" x 54" x 54" $219

Our bean bag loungers are better because they are not filled with styrofoam beads or shredded foam.

They are filled with cleaner, more evenly cut and better quality high-density foam that does not flatten or soften with use like the cheaper alternatives. You also have the option to buy eco-friendly foam that does not off-gas. It is better for you and the environment.

Mattress Toppers

Nothing Beats the Comfort of Foam

A) Mattress Toppers - 2" or 3" with Terry Cotton Cover

Bamboo Mattress Cover
Mattress Topper Solid Core
50% Heavier Foam
3″ Thick with Terry Cover 2″ Thick with Terry Cover
Size Reg. Sale Size Reg. Sale
King $529 $349 King $319 $229
Queen $395 $269 Queen $249 $179
Double $329 $210 Double $219 $139
XL Single $279 $189 XL Single $179 $119
Single $239 $149 Single $159 $98

B) Economy Plus Mattress - 8" Foam with Terry Cotton Cover

Bamboo Mattress Cover
Size Reg. Sale
Double $769 $495
Single $595 $379
  • Great for kids, seniors and spare bedrooms.
  • Spring mattress toppers are made with light weight foam and fibre that sag pre-maturely. Stop waking up tired!
  • Buy a topper that is made with 50% heavier foam, than spring mattress pillow tops, for better comfort and pressure point relief.
  • Available in Soft, Medium or Firm at same price.
  • As a foam and mattress manufacturer we guarantee the best price, selection and durability.

The layer on top of a spring mattress core represents the comfort zone. Unfortunately, the majority of spring mattress manufacturers are using light-weight foam and polyester fibre for their comfort layer.

Some go over the top by putting even thicker fiber in the quilting of the cover to make a pillow-top. It looks comfortable, on the showroom floor, but sags pre-maturely after a short time of use.

A mattress without a proper topper, that contours to the shape of your body, creates uncomfortable pressure points in your shoulders and hips. This in turn causes restless tossing and turning throughout the night.

If you want to buy a good topper, and pay as little as possible, the best thing to do is to come to one of our showrooms where you can see the samples and understand the difference between them. We also have pre-made toppers with covers that you can take away. Whatever the case we can give you superior quality at a much better factory direct price.

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