University Students: Beware of Dorm Mattresses!

A father came into our showroom today looking to buy a dormitory mattress for his daughter who will be attending her first year of University this fall. His first mistake was coming in without her. Most parents buy mattresses or mattress toppers for their kids that are not at all what they would choose if they were here.

His second mistake was asking for something hard, “so that it would last longer”. Sorry Dad, but that is not how it works. Heavier (higher Density) foam lasts longer before it begins to sag or soften with use. Durability has nothing to do with the firmness of the foam. Our heavier Koosh Natural high resiliency foam does not soften with use like the conventional polyurethane grades that are used in all dormitory mattresses.

As students head off to campus this fall, many for the first time, they’ll be equipped with many of the tools they need. Laptop? Check. Sheets and blankets? Check. Fast-drying towels? Check. Dorm fridge? Check. Desk lamp? Check. Better Sleep? I don’t know? What they give us will be fine. What? Nooooo!

I LOVE SLEEPSleep Better – Bring a Foam Topper

I know that University students love to sleep – I have two of them myself. However, you should know that you are not helping them to Sleep Better just by dressing up their dorm bed with colourful comforters or lacey pillows. What’s inside the mattress cover matters!

We have been supplying dormitory mattresses to Universities for the past 28 years and we can honestly tell you, from first-hand experience, that 100% of first year university students should go to their new dorm rooms with a comfortable 2 or 3″ mattress topper under one arm.

Now in case you think that the University or College purchasing agents are going to take care of you or yours, think again. Their mandate is to buy as many mattresses for as little as possible. That is what you do when you have a budget.

A Firmer Mattress is Not Better

The foam specifications for dorm mattresses also call for a firmer mattress because they know that plastic-based polyurethane foam will soften up with use. One University RFQ (Request for Quote) asked that all 800 mattresses, be hard enough to support a 300 pound student. Really? How many 19 year-olds do you know that are 300 pounds? And how do the lighter students feel about this? Have you seen the movie – 300? They may be thinking, “Tonight We Sleep in Hell!”

Sleep for Studenst

A firm bed resists rather than conforming to the natural curves of your body. Therefore, your body must constantly adjust in order to get comfortable – sometimes as much as 60 to 80 times a night. It sure is hard to get a good night’s sleep if you are flipping and flopping, like a fish out of water, all night long.

Mattress Buying Tips: Do not test a new mattress just by sitting or putting your knee in it. Lay on it for 15 minutes at a time. And buy from a factory, like Foamite, where you can take the mattress back and change the firmness as many times as you want within the 15 year warranty period.


Foamite can take the edge off dorm life by providing the comfort students need in order to catch the necessary Zs that will prevent drama and help them get As. We sell dormitory mattresses and toppers in any size you need. The sizes vary amongst Universities and even amongst the various residences in each University. Common sizes are: 36″ x 74″, 36 ” x 78″, and 36″ x 80″. A standard single (or twin) mattress is 39″ x 75″.

Sleep Better to Learn Better…


R.C. (Bob) Dimas

Be the best that you can be by doing whatever is necessary to improve the quality of your sleep!