The World Cup of Mattresses - Come Pick a Winner!

The World Cup of Soccer is here! So, who is going to win? For me, it is very obvious. The team that will win is the team that “Sleeps Better”. Yes, you heard it here first and I really mean it. The team of players that can handle the pressure, stress, adversity, change and still get a good night’s sleep will finish first and be crowned Champions of the World!

The key to winning is not more and better practices (that should have all been done by now); instead, what is more, important at this stage of the game is more and better sleep.

A growing body of evidence shows that athletic performance, no matter what sport you are playing, improves as you improve the quality of your sleep. However, there are still some macho athletic types out there that are of the attitude that “sleep is for the lazy and weak”.

Not true “Macho Man” sleep is more important than you may realize and if you don’t sleep right it could wreak havoc on your mind and health starting from the very first night. It also gets progressively worse after just 5 nights of sleeping poorly.

Slowly but surely, more and more educated and forward thinking professional athletes and their coaches are realizing that a little extra sleep isn’t a sign of weakness after all, but more like a predictor of strength, come game day.

Similarly, it’s not just the quantity of sleep that is important but also the quality of sleep. You can be in bed for 8 hours but if you are only sleeping during 4 of those hours then you are not getting the rest that your body needs to repair, replenish and rejuvenate all the parts (including your mind) that need to work hard and compete for the day after.

Some of the things that can keep you up at night are: sleeping on a mattress that is too hard, too soft, too hot or too small for your size. Any of these problems can cause restless tossing and turning that will keep you up throughout the night.

The World Cup of Mattresses

We have traveled all over the world to find the best and most natural comfort ingredients. But these ingredients all by themselves, without proper knowledge of how to put them together to provide you with Better Sleep, is like a bunch of good individual players doing their own thing and trying to win the game all by themselves.

We stock 45 grades of foam. Most of them are made in Canada; however, when we realized that there are better grades out there that did not previously exist here – we went out and got the rights for them and brought them back to Canada.

Foam is the key comfort ingredient used in all mattresses, the fastest growing sleep surface and the number one brand of mattress presently selling all over the world. The key is to know the difference amongst the various grades and to get a combination that is right for your weight, back condition and preference – on your side of the bed. Yes, we do that and we pioneered the concept 25 years ago.

Final Word

Our brand promise is to offer you high quality custom mattresses that are not offered in stores. To educated consumers that value the quality of their sleep and to offer these better custom mattresses, directly to you, at a much lower factory direct price.

They will improve the quality of your sleep so that you will be better rested to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer. A better night’s sleep will also put you in a better mood so that you can cheer for your favourite team, with passion, win or lose!

There is nothing better than sleeping on Real Comfort!


R.C. (Bob) Dimas

Be the best that you can be by doing whatever is necessary to improve the quality of your sleep!

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Bob has been in the comfort business, as the founder and CEO of Foamite, since 1988. Foamite is a foam and mattress manufacturer that is located in Toronto with its head office factory location in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Foam, sleep and comfort can be very technical, scientific and complicated but it does not have to be that way. Let us break it down for you and help you choose the right foam grades for your sitting or sleeping requirements. Thank you for reading. Now, let us make your bed.
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