Buying a Good Long Lasting Mattress - Fact vs. Fiction

I recently received an email from a frustrated mattress shopper. Here is an excerpt from his email:

“I’m looking for a company that has detailed foam information readily available and will share it willingly with its customers, showing transparency. I am not at all impressed by what I have been reading about the big names out there, using lower quality foams and selling these beds at inflated retail prices!”

BEST-MATTRESS-SQThe fact is, he had already fallen for the 20-year mattress that only lasted 4-years and he was sick and tired of paying good money for air (inside a spring mattress). They promised him the world.

Fact is, IT IS POSSIBLE for a mattress store to promise the world, offer a 90-day comfort guarantee, provide nothing but air … and still make lots of money. It’s perfectly legally, perfectly possible and it happens all the time, all over North America.

Consumers are suspicious of mattress salespeople and they should be. One of the biggest reasons to be suspicious is because of people’s experiences with mattress warranties. People think they are getting a 20-year guarantee when they buy the mattress. But when they call back, after 4-years, then they discover that the facts are different from the fiction that they were originally sold.

Fact is, if your mattress topper has sagged, you are told that this is normal wear and that the warranty does not cover the comfort zone of the mattress. Fiction, they will tell you that ALL foam does not hold up and ALL foam sags and softens with use. Not true, not all foam is created equal and there is a big difference between lighter-weight polyurethane grades and heavier high resiliency grades that are used in commercial applications.

Fact is, there are over 45 different grades of foam but the mattress industry mostly uses the lightest and cheapest grades of foam for comfort on top of spring cores that are filled with air. Why? Because it is more profitable for them.


Fact is, even though there is comfort ingredients that will last you 20-years, the mattress industry would rather sell you four mattresses in 20 years.

Fact is, foam is the key comfort ingredient used in all mattresses. If you want to buy a good mattress get to know your foam first.

Final Note

What prevents people from buying a better mattress and getting a good night’s sleep? I think its advertising (fiction) and the traditional way that most people shop for a mattress (fact).

They go to a mattress store and look for a sale. The fact is, it is hard for some people to do the proper research and the work that is necessary to make sure that they are buying the right stuff. Some actually think that our mattresses can’t be as good because they are $1,000 to $1,500 less than what sells in a mattress store. True story – see point #4 in Mattress Problems.

Paul K., “the frustrated mattress shopper”, bought a mattress from us, after we exchanged a few emails and he came to our mattress showroom with his wife – 3 times.

We are so much more than a mattress store. We are comfort and sleep experts.


R.C. (Bob) Dimas

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