Cool iFoam and Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress

iFoam is a Cool Comfort Ingredient that is Designed for Comfort Needs

Sleep experts in Europe have given new iFoam rave reviews. It is now available in Canada, exclusively at Foamite.

The [i] stands for intelligent and iFoam is smarter than your average traditional polyurethane foam. It cools your sleep area when it is hot, it is made with silver ions that deter bed bugs and has the scent of chamomile and lavender.

iifoam-squareFoam is produced with PCM micro-spheres that encapsulate various characteristics to produce the ultimate comfort and sleep experience. PCM stands for ‘Phase Changing Materials’. If you chose to go with Thermo iFoam then you will receive the benefits of a more consistent temperature in your sleep surface. There is nothing more relaxing than a warm comfortable bed in winter and a cool bed in the summer. New iFoam helps to maintain a constant temperature – not too hot and not too cold.

iFoam will help to ensure that the body gets to a comfortable sleeping temperature more quickly and that it stays there longer. This alone will help to increase the best quality of sleep which is also known as REM sleep.

Use iFoam as a cooling layer in your mattress

Did you know that even a 1 or 2-degree swing in room temperature can wake you from a comfortable sleep?

Many mattress shoppers, who love sleeping with the windows open, even in the winter, wonder whether sleeping on a latex rubber mattress will satisfy their need for a cool comfortable sleep. They have doubts and questions; especially, after hearing all the stories about how hot it is to sleep on latex rubber.

Latex Rubber is made from the sap of a Rubber tree, however even though it has air holes in it, it can get somewhat hot depending on the time of year. That is why you might want to add a layer of cooling iFoam under the latex topper. The air holes in the latex allow the iFoam micro-capsules to remove the heat from the sleep surface and store it away from your body so that you can sleep much cooler.


The firm edges are made with air vents, that way when you sit or roll on your mattress the vents allow all the warm air to come out.

Our cooler collection of mattress covers are made with mesh borders and the same fabric technology that is used in dri-fit golf clothing.

The iFoam and Latex Hybrid Mattress is custom made to suit your weight, preference and back condition. Your partner can get what they need or want on their side of the bed. It’s the coolest all natural latex mattress ever by design.


R.C. (Bob) Dimas

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