Sleeping Pillows

Durable, Hypo-Allergenic, Environmentally Friendly.

The Importance of a Good Pillow

A good pillow is essential to good sleep. It should keep the neck and spine in its natural alignment. The size of the person and their sleeping style influence the type of pillow required. Since we are the factory we can adjust the size and height of the pillow to fit you properly.

When you purchase a new mattress it does not have the usual body impression, which is worn into it after years of use. Unfortunately the alignment of the spine and neck is often affected, which may cause back and neck soreness. Therefore, sleep experts recommend that you purchase new pillows with a new mattress to ensure that your neck and back are correctly supported.

Foamite Pillows are made in Canada, non-allergenic and available to you Factory Direct for a lot less than what you would pay in a retail store. Our best visco-elastic memory foam pillow sells for $79 while the same pillow in a department store retails for $159 each. Our pillows are bigger and the foam is heavier and longer lasting. Come in and let us show you the difference.

The Best Foam Sleeping Pillows
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Standard Queen King Buy Now
Natural Latex $99 $109 $139 Buy Now
Sensall Strata $89 $99 $129 Buy Now
Sensall Therapeutic $89 $99 $129 Buy Now
Sensall Everesense $89 $99 $129 Buy Now
Koosh ViscoGel $89 $99 $119 Buy Now
Memorapedic $79 $89 $99 Buy Now
Koosh Select $69 $79 $89 Buy Now
BioDream Pillow $59 $69 $79 Buy Now
Necksaver BioCorn $45 $55 $75 Buy Now

Foamite offers a range of luxury memory foam and foam rubber pillows to suit a variety of individual comfort needs.

The average head weighs 9.5 to 11 lbs. You need a material that will support it throughout the night while you are asleep without losing its shape or collapsing.

Foamite pillows are ideally suited for this purpose. They are soft, supportive and gently resilient. They do not lose their shape at night. The average fibre pillow, is not properly supportive and tends to collapse and easily flatten after a short period of time.