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I liked Foamite's factory direct set up so much that my wife, Dr. Jacqueline, and I ordered a properly configured, environmentally friendly mattress from them. We were so impressed, that we now refer our patients too. They make custom mattresses that other manufacturers can only dream about.
Dr. C.G. Tsiapalis, DC - Vaughan, ON
We were referred by our Doctor. We had no idea what to expect. The staff at Foamite made us aware of a lot of things that we had never considered before when we bought our last mattress. Now that we have tried a mattress that was specifically made for each one of us, we love it and we wonder how we lived so long without one.
Deanne and Paul S. - Markham, ON
I can't believe how many people we have told about how much we love our Foamite mattress. We came one Saturday to get informed and custom-fitted and then came back the following Saturday to pick up our mattress and take it home in our truck. I wish other things were that easy.
Joyce & Brian G. - London, ON
Our book reveals how the living of daily life creates a toxic soup inside each of us. We love companies like Foamite that are trying to do something about it. We also sleep on their mattresses.
Rick S. & Bruce L. - Toronto, ON
(Authors of Slow Death by Rubber Duck)
The amount of research you put into figuring out what mattress was right for us truly blew our mind. Keep up the good work.
Cassie & Shaun N. - Stouffville, ON
My family and I have been sleeping on Foamite for over 20 years and we know there is nothing finer for a great night's sleep. When my daughter got married she insisted on a Foamite mattress to her husband, rather than going to a retail store. They truly are - comfort and sleep experts!
Trudy G. - Oakville, ON
Nine years ago we bought a king size mattress from Foamite. We were happy with the mattress so recently we returned to Foamite to buy a new one. Although I was okay with my side, my wife felt that she was not getting the support that she did when we originally bought the mattress. They asked us to bring our mattress back for inspection. See Mattress Warranty to read the rest of our story.
Elena & Paolo M. - Woodbridge, ON
You have the best selection and the most comprehensive information. I have never given so much thought to buying a mattress and sleeping right. Anyone that buys a mattress without considering what's inside may be suffering through an uncomfortable situation sooner than they think possible.
Sharon H. - Nobleton, ON
Klaus Nienkamper (famous furniture designer on left) with Bob Dimas. Neinkamper furniture is made with premium Koosh Natural high resiliency foam. Klaus and his family also sleep on Foamite mattresses. Sit or sleep on the longest lasting and the most natural comfort ingredients.
Bob Dimas, Foamite President
My parents have been buying mattresses from Foamite Danforth since before I was born. Now that I am getting married we went up to the Vaughan Factory to get tested for our new mattress. I wouldn't buy a mattress anywhere else.
Susan T. - Toronto, ON
The best source in Vaughan for a great night's sleep. We have been buying Foamite mattresses since they broke ground in 1988.
Alan S. (Councillor) - Vaughan, ON
Our mornings were terrible. Our backs and necks were always in pain. Our friends told us about Foamite. They loved their Foamite mattress because it was made with natural ingredients and it was specifically made for them with a different firmness on each side. Now, we love our Foamite Mattress and we can't wait to tell our other friends who we play bridge with, they were also complaining about morning aches and pains.
Lucy Tony & D. - Woodbridge, ON
Foamite made us some custom mattresses for our boat. It was so refreshing to deal with a company that is so professional. The mattresses fit perfectly and they are very comfortable. I look forward to dealing with Foamite in the future.
Jim S. - Barrie, ON
We wanted something clean and natural for our kid's to sleep on. After searching the web we found Foamite. We tried a single mattress first and then we bought all our mattresses from them.
Brett H. - Whitehorse, Yukon
I try to buy locally when I can but I could not find anything like their Koosh Natural down here. Foamite is forward thinking and ahead of the pack. Even after paying $225 for delivery I still felt more comfortable buying my new mattress from across the border.
Thomas G. - Atlanta, GA
Mattress shopping is very confusing and complicated. We looked around for awhile and then we put off making a decision for as long as our backs would let us. Then a friend recommended that we go to Foamite. We liked the way that they explained everything to us from the inside out. We also liked how we could each get what we needed on our side of the bed and the money that we saved by shopping Factory Direct!
Joanne D. - North York, ON
When I was a kid, I slept on a Foamite Mattress up at the cottage. I loved it so much now that I am older I wanted to buy a natural Foamite mattress for my home. I chose the place and my wife chose the firmness.
Eric B. - Alliston, ON
The service and information that you supply are really extraordinary.
Chris M. - Midland, ON
My parents have been buying foam mattresses from Foam Rubber Sales on the Danforth for over 50 years. When we moved north of the city and went to Foamite we discovered that they took over Foam Rubber and supplied them with their foam for the past 20 years. They make great mattresses for a lot less than what you would pay at a retail store for cheaper quality.
Brian B. - Newmarket, ON
I had been shopping around for a memory foam mattress for a long time before I bought one at Foamite. After sleeping on my newly purchased mattress, it didn't quite meet my expectations for a comfortable sleep. The people at Foamite re-worked the mattress on the same day that I brought it in. I appreciate that they listened to me and resolved my problem with graciousness. You can count on Foamite to provide a quality product and they back it up with their excellent same day customer service.
Brenda Z. - Scarborough, ON
I not only grow and eat soy beans, now I sleep on them too!
Peter K. (Soy Farmer) - Otterville, ON
(Koosh Natural is made with soy-bean oil and it is certified pure; no off-gassing!)
We bought one of your mattresses for a spare bedroom. Our guests commented about it so much that we decided to try it in our bedroom. After trying it for 2 weeks, we loved it so much that we never changed it back.
Joyce A. - Mississauga, ON
I saw it on the web. I bought it after exchanging a few emails and I have loved it ever since.
Charles J. - Chicago, IL
We bought a mattress from Foamite 20 years ago. Two years ago we moved up north to retire. We also retired our old mattress to the guest bedroom and decided to look for a new mattress up locally. We tried 4 different ones from our local stores, none of them compared to our original Foamite mattress. Eventually we drove down (3 hours away) to pick up a new mattress and we are glad we did.
Morland J. - Huntsville, ON
I love money just as much as the next stockbroker but I love a good night's sleep even more because it makes me more productive the day after.
John C. - Toronto, ON
I called looking for pricing on Camp Mattresses. Instead of calling the factory I called their Danforth store. The very next morning someone from the factory called to say that they had made a terrible mistake. The price of each mattress was actually 40% lower than the price I was originally quoted. I love their honesty.
Daryl S. - Peace River, Alberta

"I love my Foamite mattress & Pillow"

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Muhammad Ali Masood Cheema
Muhammad Ali Masood Cheema
17:41 20 Dec 21
People at Foamite are extremely professional, knowledgeable and kind. Specially Bob and Katherine. I have had bad back for months. Bob and Katherine took time to explain me and help select the right firmness and mattress type for me. They were also able to provide me the mattress in 4 days period without any extra charge. The quality and feel of the mattress is great and it provides proper spine alignment. There pricing is also very good compared to other mattress stores.I will strongly recommend them to other people specially with back pain issues.
Susan Howat
Susan Howat
15:33 30 Nov 21
This is an amazing company. Bill Lynch went out of his way to make sure I got the mattresses I ordered on time for my trip. The mattress were exactly as advertised. A very exciting product.Thank you,Susan Howat
Ana Ling
Ana Ling
17:42 23 Nov 21
I was searching for a foam supplier for sometime now because it seemed that local shops did not follow any standards for the type of foam being sold. I am impressed with the level of detail on the Foamite website, and the very useful online foam order option makes is easy for me to place an order at any time of the day. Their customer care team has always been friendly and patient with me whether on the phone or in person even if all I needed was information. Foamite is my number one choice for foam products and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for high quality home decor options.
Maria Liezel Rigo
Maria Liezel Rigo
22:27 12 Nov 21
Our couch cushions were starting to sag and we automatically thought it was time to buy a new one. A friend suggested just replacing the cushions. A quick google search and we found Foamite. Their website was well-organized and very informative (who knew there were so many types of foam?). We ordered our custom cut foam and in three days it was delivered and were perfectly cut to size. Highly recommend.
François Dionne
François Dionne
19:24 09 Nov 21
My sofa cushions have removable covers, and after 14 years, it was time to either replace the foam or toss the sofa. Foamite's website is informative, and makes it easy to select among a variety of grades of foam in the sizes you want. Just a few days after ordering, the pieces were delivered to my door, and I have to say my sofa is more comfortable now than when I bought it. Highly recommended.
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