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Over the past 10 years, many mattress companies have tried to capitalize on the use of the word “organic”. We have heard this word used frequently in our showroom by people who are into “organic food” and to describe some mattress companies who say they are “organic”. However, as a manufacturer who supplies them with products – we know things to be different.

Some people use the word “organic” when a product only contains a small portion (say 20%) of natural ingredients. “Vitamin C” is a substance called ascorbic acid, it is something you can make in the lab. Do you want pure organic vitamins? No problem, somebody can always sell you some that are made with 100% pure organic chemistry.

PLANT-SQHowever, everybody knows that you can’t live on laboratory vitamins. Plus we all know deep down that vitamins + junk food = self-deception. But… if you eat a spinach salad, you get something entirely different. Whether you know what’s in it or not, you know it’s good for you. Why? Because it’s real food. You don’t have to go to a health food store to get that; you don’t even need to know what vitamins are in spinach. All you have to do is eat real food.

How does this relate to the mattress business?

The mattress business version of this might be… Let’s say you’re thinking about buying a mattress from a company, which do you think would provide you with the best and most honest information when it comes to buying something natural or organic?

A) A mattress store that only has a couple of grades of foam and knows very little about foam or

B) A manufacturer who carries 45 different grades of foam and that knows everything you need to know about it, including who is using what and which grades are the most “natural or organic’.

If you pride yourself in being an educated consumer and getting the best value for your money then you would probably say that choice B is the way to go and you would be 100% right.

Why is the foam so important when it comes to mattress shopping?

  1. Foam is the key comfort ingredient used in all mattresses.
  2. It has been the fastest growing sleep surface in the last 10 years.
  3. Foam is the #1 mattress presently purchased in North America.
  4. Even the big spring mattress manufacturers have started offering full foam mattresses to compete with the #1 brand and to keep up to demand.

However, you should know that the #1 brand is anything but natural or organic. Instead in their advertising they show a mattress in the field and talk about how their design was “inspired by nature”.

Other mattress retailers imply that they are selling natural and organic mattresses, but the salespeople are not correcting customers when they say that they are all natural”. Instead, they just nod their heads in agreement. Oh really is that Real Comfort? I think not; instead, that is what we call “Fake Comfort”, just like those vitamins that are made in a lab.


We sell foam to people that make furniture and mattresses. We started selling mattresses to the public, 25 years ago, when we discovered that other mattress manufacturers were not using the best grades of foam available. Similarly, retailers didn’t know what they were selling and most made up things that were not exactly true.

In our mattress business, we are all about ‘helping people to make the right decision for them’. The best way to accomplish this is by clearly and effectively communicating what is available and allowing them to make the decision of what products are best for them – whether it be regular polyurethane grades, somewhat natural, all natural or organic.

We also allow you to look inside the cover so that you can verify that you received what you asked for. And the zipper on the cover also makes it easy for us to make changes or adjustments to the mattress if you decide to go with something firmer or softer later on. Its that easy for you and us.

Once you know the difference, you will make a better decision and get the best value for your money. And once you see what we can do for you, you will be so happy that you will tell others. We know those because we constantly get referrals from previous customers. We truly are the best-kept secret for mattresses and Real Comfort in the GTA.

Final Note

Enjoy your next mattress shopping experience. We especially want to hear from people who have had a bad experience and who are now ready to take matters in their own hands. If you come in to see us, don’t buy what you see on the floor; instead, buy what we can make for you.

Let us make your bed!


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