Mattress Pricing

Let us make your bed!

We are a mattress manufacturer. We are not a retail store. We stock 45 different grades of foam all of which can be used, individually or in combinations, to make a mattress. Since 1988 we have supplied foam and mattresses to other mattress manufacturers, retailers, hotels, hospitals, university dormitories, camps and thousands of residential applications.

The challenge we are most faced with, when it comes to mattress pricing is what you quote somebody when they ask for "the price of a good or our best mattress?" Every retailer has their version of the best, depending on what sector of the market they are serving. In order to educate yourself properly and to truly sleep better, at the best possible price, you should come to our Factory Showroom. Here you can see, feel and better understand all the grades that are available. Each one of them is different and can make a difference to your comfort, support and to the durability of your mattress.

Real "Honest to Goodness" Comfort!

Most conventional spring mattresses look comfortable on the showroom floor but do not maintain their comfort for their full warranty period. "My 20 year mattress has only lasted 3 years" is the most common complaint that we hear from people that visit our showroom.

At Foamite instead of selling you a 20 year mattress we will show you the many different grades that will give you a certain number of "Comfort Years" - anywhere from 3 to 15 years of comfort. Our 3 year foam is 50% heavier than the weight that most mattress companies use for their 20 year mattress toppers. Our foam is 50% heavier and approximately 50% less expensive than the imitation of comfort that is sold in stores.

At 5 lbs./cu. ft. our original all natural latex rubber is 5 times heavier than the 1 lb./cu. ft. foam that is used in spring mattress toppers. That is 500% heavier and still sold factory direct at a very good price.

When comparing grades of latex you should know that all latex is not the same and that there are many hybrid latex versions that are mixed with polyurethane foam and sold at a discounted price.

If you are serious about your sleep and you want Real Comfort then you should visit us to see the difference that a good piece of foam makes. Foam is the key comfort ingredient used on all mattresses. Come in and get Comfortable, for real!

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