Visco Natura Qualited 2-Sided Cover

People today are increasingly concerned with their quality of living. Whether you realize it or not your quality of life is closely linked to how well you sleep. A more relaxed, deep sleep enables us to get more out of life - making our days more productive and enjoyable.

The Visco Natura Cover is yet another eco-friendly cover offered by Foamite. This is a premium cover that is made with viscous fibres which are derived from a tree's cellulose. At 320 grams this fabric has a very high thread count. The majority of materials used in Europe, are only 230 grams in weight. The Visco Natura is thicker and heavier making it much more duarable. It is an off-white colour and soft to the touch because of its high viscous content.

Unlike cotton, this Visco Natura cover provides improved moisture retention and evaporation due to its unique nanofibril technology.

natural viscosel mattress cover with nanofibril technology