Silver Pure Mattress Cover

Silver Pure technology uses the bactericidal action of silver. It is a powerful natural antibacterial agent that destroys bacteria. It has been used for thousands of years since the times of Ancient Greece.

The silver ions that are embedded in this fabric are very active against dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria and other household allergens. Silver is used and well-known to safeguard the purity and hygiene of your mattress.

The fabric that lets You sleep in peace...

Antimicrobial test results conducted in Japan show that mattresses made with iFoam and Sliver Pure fabric (both which contain silver ions) will help to rid 99.838% of household allergens from your sleep area. This was also proven by an internationally famous hospital in Switzerland. Fifty patients who have had allergic reactions for many years were tested to measure the effectiveness of Silver Pure mattress ticking.

The test aimed at investigating the effect of the Silver Pure fabric under normal sleeping conditions. The test group slept for thirteen weeks on Silver Pure ticking and kept a daily record of their symptoms and their use of inhalers. The test gave the following results:

The effectiveness of Silver Pure has been officially recognized

Independent official bodies confirmed the benefits of sleeping on a mattress covered with Silver Pure. This cover satisfies the Okotex100 Standard, which is recommended by the Red Cross and awarded the British Allergy Foundation's mark of approval. Allergy Doctors who were involved in the tests were so impressed by the results that they have started recommending Silver Pure to their patients for allergy relief. The tests also brought to light a long-term effect, showing that doctors were able to significantly reduce the use of steroids amongst these patients. Although Silver Pure is not a medical treatment, it is a way to improve the quality of one's sleep and their life.

iFoam the smart choice

Benefits of Silver Pure

  • 96% improvement in allergy symptoms measured on a daily basis
  • 81% decrease in inhaler use by individual patients
  • Silver Pure counteracts the formation of fungus in human skin the main source of food for house mites. The mites cannot survive in the mattress. The preventative method is generally recognized as the basis for anti-allergic preparations.
  • Silver Pure in micro-capsules is embedded in the fabric and lasts a very long time. It helps to fight allergens and improve the health of everyone using it.