Other Mattress Covers

How Covers are Made

First, the fabric is quilted with layers of foam and fibre. The purpose of quilting is to make the mattress look more inviting and comfortable on the showroom floor, regardless of what is in it. There are numerous quilting patterns and thicknesses of foam and fibre that can be used. The quilting materials help to give the fabric a fuller and more luxurious look.

However, since most quilting materials are lightweight they mat down rather quickly. The quilting materials are very critical for a conventional spring mattress. They along with the light-weight foam that is placed under the cover represent the mattress's comfort zone. The quilted covers help to add to the look of the cover but are not as important for good quality full foam mattresses that are made with much better foam.

Cut, Sew and Close

Once the fabric is quilted the bigger roll is then taken to the cutting table where it is cut down to different mattress sizes. The covers are then taken to the sewing machine where the edges are surged closed to keep the ends of the fabric from fraying.

Finally, the cut pieces are taken to a mattress-closing machine where the pieces are sewn together around the core of the mattress. This is how most, if not all, spring mattresses are made. It is less expensive to make them like this but impossible for you to look inside the mattress or to replace a layer of quilting once it starts to compress and get lumpy.

All our mattress covers are made with a 360 degree zipper. This makes it very easy for you to look inside the cover to verify what you purchased is correct. We have been in the mattress business since 1988 years now and we are still surprised on a regular basis with what we find in some mattresses that are sold in stores.

The zippers will also allow us to inspect your mattress, without having to tear the cover off of it. We can inspect it for warranty reasons or make changes to it if, after using it, you decide that you want to change the firmness or type of foam used.

mattress cover sewing and mattress closing machine
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