Organic Cotton Mattress Cover

Our Organic Cotton mattress cover is made from pure organic cotton. Only natural untreated materials are used to make this cover. The fabric is sewn to the highest standards of quality. This type of cover is for people who prefer the very best and that are conscious of the environmental problems that face our planet today.

Organic Cotton mattress cover

Environmentally Friendly Sleep

The 3D mesh air spacer is another new technology that is being used in mattress borders throughout Europe. This was originally used as a spacer behind perforated leather in car seats. It allows air to flow freely in and out of the sides of your mattress. It is used in combination with firm edges that have air vents for maximum air circulation.

Each of our organic cotton covers saves approximately two pounds of synthetic fertilizers and farm chemicals (depending on size). When you sleep on our Organic Mattress, you will not only receive a high quality, well designed product, you will also be sleeping on a healthier surface and supporting environmentally responsible farming and production methods.

Landfills are filled with old inner spring mattress units. You can help to reduce this impact by choosing to sleep on environmentally friendly products that are bio-degradable. Our Natural Latex Rubber is made from the sap of rubber trees. It is the perfect core to be used inside our pure organic cotton cover. Unlike innerspring mattresses, no metal is used in this mattress so there will be no interference with natural or electromagnetic fields.


Scented Fabric

This fabric is also embedded with micro-capsules that give off a mild and pleasant 'sleep inducing' scent of chamomile and lavender.