EcoComfort Natural Mattress Cover

A good night's sleep is essential for your well-being ensuring that body and mind have a chance to rest and rejuvenate. Research shows that a lower body temperature increases the chances of a better and deeper sleep.

The EcoComfort cover is another natural modern product that is part of the Foamite line-up. It is made in Belgium and it is now available in Canada, exclusively at Foamite.

It is a totally natural fabric that is made from the best natural ingredients. It is proven to lower body temperature by removing excess moisture from your skin.

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Sleep Relaxed. Get the most out of life.

Staying cool can help you fall asleep more quickly and makes you feel more refreshed when you wake. This is why new revolutionary eco-friendly fabrics are having such an impact on the way we design mattresses; especially, the ones made with natural ingredients like Latex Rubber, Koosh Natural and Preserve HR.

The secret behind EcoComfort's success is the unique pore structure within its yarn which increases the fabric's surface area by 8 times. This means that any moisture that comes in contact with the fabric spreads out further and quickly evaporates.

The Simon Adjustable Cover also has this patented process that utilizes active micro porous particles from nature to enhance the performance of fabrics by providing exceptional evaporative cooling and thus creating a comfortable body temperature in any environment.

When you combine the EcoComfort cover with BioBased high resiliency foams, it is about as eco-friendly and as modern as it gets for modern mattress design. The unquilted EcoComfort cover would also work well with memory foam mattresses because of its unique stretching capabilities. It stretches to take the shape of your body and then returns to its original shape. The unquilted cover is a one-sided cover with an anti-skid base. However, the quilted version is two-sided and it can be flipped and used on the other side.

Custom made for you for better sleep
It's about better sleep
Custom made for you for better sleep