Commercial / Economy

Commercial Cotton

Alternating gray, red and white stripes. Durable cotton used for commercial applications such as hotels, motels, dormitories, camp mats etc. It is quilted with 3/8" foam on both sides and will add 1/2" to the total thickness of your mattress.

commercial cotton fire retardant mattress cover

Medstaff Vinyl

This premium vinyl has been formulated to provide an effective wipe down, fluid proof antibacterial surface barrier for mattresses, wheel chair seating and therapeutic tables used in healthcare, correctional and dormitory facilities. This vinyl is flame retardant and designed to be soft and comfortable, yet remain strong and durable for a long useful life.

waterproof antibacterial medical vinyl nylon mattress cover

Economy Collection

Poly/Cotton Clearouts

Used for occasional use mattresses that are made in volume and available on the Rack at discounted pricing. These covers are available in 4" and 6" thickness in Single, Double and Queen sizes. They come with a zipper and no quilting. They are made with discontinued fabrics. Once the material is gone it cannot be matched for future purchases.

economical clearout cheap mattress covers with zippers