Crib and Kid Mattresses

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2. Single Size

3. Queen Size

4. King Size

Mattress Construction

  • If price or thickness is a concern, we can remove some layers
  • If you require a firmer mattress we can re-use the middle portion for toppers and give you a firmer core
  • All you have to do is keep the core clean by protecting it with a waterproof mattress pad
  • Clean, safe, ecological & economical

A mattress that grows with them...

When you buy a crib mattress that is made with our Koosh Natural you can always add to it as your child grows. Koosh is a high resiliency grade that is meant for heavy duty commercial applications.

Your new born child, toddler or pre-teen will hardly affect the shape or the compression of this high-end soy-based foam. All you have to do is to keep it clean from any stains or moisture. You can achieve this by buying a good quality Restguard® mattress pad (available in our showroom) that is made with a terry cotton top that is laminated to a waterproof barrier.

As your child grows so will their mattress. You can add pieces to the existing core, as necessary, to make a bigger mattress. Or you can order the new size from us and then fill the cavity with the existing piece that you had previously purchased. In either case, you will also need to order a new cover to cover the new core.

My Dad always said, "Buy a good mattress and a good pair of shoes because if you are not on one you are on the other".

Bob Dimas, Foamite Founder

Save money and the environment

When it comes to mattresses the words natural and organic can mean different things to different people. Natural crib mattress with varying degrees of natural sell in retail stores anywhere from a little over $145 to more than $585 in specialty high-end stores. People need to start paying more attention to what they and their kids are sleeping on. Especially, when they realize that they are actually getting a greater exposure to toxic chemicals from their mattress than from anywhere else.

For starters, people need to stop going into stores and believing everything that salespeople tell them like: there is nothing harmful in our mattresses and "if it were that bad the government would step in and do something about it". Manufactures, like Foamite, are better equipped to deal with questions of natural content. They also have a larger selection and knowledge of all the available grades that may be supplied to different types of stores. You don't have to be rich to sleep naturally especially if you shop Factory Direct.

Traditional mattresses are made with metal springs that are sandwiched between layers of polyurethane foam, or with solid cores of low density petroleum-based foam. Landfills are full of spring cores that will be there long after we are gone.

Our sustainability goal is to only use the right kind of raw materials, to create the things we truly need and to ensure that they will last. Our mattresses are so well made that they last longer. They are also made with more renewable resources than ever before. You can choose from our all natural latex rubber or from one of our various soy-based foams which are made with varying levels of natural ingredients - Ecocell® (some soy content), Preserve® (more soy content) and Koosh® (the best grade with the most soy content).

We make
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