Mattress Overview

Common to All Our Mattresses

1. Custom Sides

We pioneered and specialize in making mattresses with two different compressions so you and your partner can get what each of you want or need on your side of the bed and since we make each mattress from scratch there is no extra charge. Our independent contour foam pockets not only give you better contouring and air circulation; the channels also stop any transfer of motion from one side of the bed to the other.

2. Zippered Covers

All our mattress covers are made with zippers, so that you can see inside (what's inside matters) and so that we can make changes to your mattress without having to destroy the cover. The mattresses that you buy in stores are made with covers that are sewn shut and once the comfort zone on the top sags prematurely there is no way you can repair it without having to buy a whole new mattress. Why buy a mattress at a mattress store, when you can come to Foamite for so much more?

3. Premium Long Lasting Foam

You should know that foam is the key comfort ingredient used in all mattresses. However, as you can tell from the picture of our sample desk, there are over 45 different grades of foam and they are not all the same. Mattresses that are advertised online or on television are made with low density light weight foam that sags prematurely. At Foamite, we will show you all the grades and give you the opportunity to buy better quality natural foam, for a longer lasting custom mattress, at a great factory direct price.

4. Reversible Top & Bottom

The bottom layer of your mattress can be made softer or firmer (than the top) at no extra charge, for those occasions when you need something softer or firmer to sleep on. Keep in mind, a softer mattress will help to relieve pressure points in your shoulders and hips but a firmer mattress will give you better support and lower back pain relief. The bottom of your mattress can also be made with a different or cooler grade of foam than the top so that it can be flipped for use during the winter or summer months.

For people that can't decide on what firmness or type of foam to buy, we can make you a mattress that is firmer or cooler on the bottom. That way you can flip it over and sleep on something firmer or cooler, when required.

Don't buy what you see, buy what we can make for you.

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