Simon Organic Mattress

CertiPur and Oeko-Tex100 Certified

A good mattress should last 20 years. Period.

However, most consumers that call or visit our factory showroom say that it is not so.

The Simon Organic mattress is made with an Organic Cotton Euro-Top cover. The Euro-Top has 2 separate zippered compartments for a 3” topper and 3 layers that make up the 7” core. This means at any time, after purchase, you can flip the topper or adjust one of the layers in the core to make your mattress feel softer or firmer. 

You can also replace the topper or the mid-core layers, at a fraction of the cost of buying a new mattress and continue with the same mattress for many years to come. Now that’s a 20-year mattress! Starting from $2,075

Patent Pending
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Mattress Layers

1. Organic Cotton Cover – separate zippered natural cover for easy access of removable topper
2. Fireshield Barrier – self-extinguishing natural fire barrier liner which encases the foam
3. Latex Topper - real all-natural non-allergenic rubber derived from the sap of a rubber tree
4. Koosh or Viscogel 2nd Topper - can be flipped over for a softer or cooler sleep surface
5. Core Cover - separate casing for 3 removeable mid-core layers
6. Mid-Core Layers – can be adjusted for a softer or firmer feel and long-lasting durability
7. Head & Foot Zoning – softer compression for added comfort & pressure point relief
8. Firm Edges – separate firm edges around topper help to maintain shape and support
9. Core Firm Edges – firmer 3” border around outside of mattress for better edge support
Click on "Adjust or Remove" buttons to see how layers change.

Sleep Experts Have Given Simon Rave Reviews!

A good mattress should last you 20 years. Unfortunately, a week doesn’t go by where we get someone in our showroom complaining about a competitor’s 20-year mattress that has only lasted 3 or 4 years. This applies to spring mattresses or the newest and latest brand of foam mattresses that are being sold throughout social media.

If it’s a spring mattress usually the top layers will mat down after a short period of time and before you know it, you will be sleeping directly on the springs. When you call for a warranty then you discover that the warranty only applies to the spring core of your mattress and not the comfort layers. Any sagging, up to 1.5″, is considered normal wear.

Store-bought foam mattresses are made with polyurethane foam that pre-maturely softens with use. The 10 or 15-year warranty only covers the thickness of the mattress. The softening which causes you to hammock into it, is once again considered normal wear and not covered by warranty. 

The Simon Organic Mattress is made with the most natural high resiliency comfort ingredients that are guaranteed to last. It is a modern mattress designed to give you the best comfort and support based on your wants and needs.

This revolutionary mattress construction is currently patent pending and is a disruption to the way mattresses are currently made and marketed today. The industry may want you to buy a new mattress every 6 to 8 years, but we would rather help you pursue a more sustainable approach that is good for you and the environment. 

Landfills are full of old spring mattress cores that will be here long after we are all gone. Why add to the problem when instead you can be part of the solution. By replacing one or two layers, you can continue with the same mattress for 20 years. How do we know that? We know because that’s how we’ve done it for our family members for close to 35 years and now we can do the same for you.

Better than all the rest

According to previous owners, nothing beats the comfort of All Natural Latex Rubber.

This mattress is highly recommended by previous owners who are familiar with its luxurious feel, comfort, and long-lasting durability. Latex is a naturally created biodegradable product. It can last up to 30 years, as a sleep surface, before it begins to break down.

Only Latex is made with real all-natural foam rubber that is derived from the sap of a rubber tree. It is five times heavier than 1.0 lb. plastic-based polyurethane foam, which is commonly used as a comfort layer on conventional spring mattresses.

Five times more material equates to less air and thus a much longer useful life as the top comfort layer of your Simon Organic mattress. No conventional spring mattress can duplicate the feel of Latex Rubber. It conforms dynamically to the natural contour of the human body, cradling it in plush comfort.

The weight and type of foam that is used in the core of your mattress is also very important for durability and long-lasting support. Our Preserve and Koosh Natural, which are used in the Simon Organic, are premium high resiliency grades that are normally used in commercial applications. 

You will not find this level of quality, in the core of any mattress sold anywhere else in North America. In fact, most leading national brands use a good foam in the thinnest top layers and a filler light-weight foam in the thickest bottom part or core of the mattress.

Is there an APP for that?

If there was an APP that you could use to create the World’s Best Mattress for yourself and your partner, it should include the following things:

  1. Ergocheck Pressure Testing Technology
    Helps to determine the right firmness for you & your partner.
  2. Organic Cotton Euro-Top Cover
    The Best Intelligent Material & Design Award.
  3. Natural Latex Rubber
    The Original All Natural Latex Rubber. Avoid the fake imposters.
  4. Preserve and Koosh Natural Cores
    The World’s First Soy-based HR foams. Best New Natural product award.
  5. Two-Sided Cores
    So that you both get what you need or want on your side of the bed.
  6. Cool Koosh ViscoGel topper
    Natural memory foam infused with cool swirls of gel.
  7. CertiPUR and Oeko-Tex100 Certifications
    No harmful substances or harsh chemicals in your mattress.
  8. Foamite Design & Ingenuity
    Focused on helping you “Sleep Your Best” by bringing you the best and most natural comfort ingredients from all over the world.
  9. Factory Direct Shopping
    Avoid the middleman. Buy what we can make for you.
  10. Hassle-Free Warranty
    Focus on solutions, rather than dwelling on problems. 

The Foamite APP is for people who are serious about their sleep and who are interested in modern developments that will help them sleep their best. The Simon Organic Mattress is made just for you based on your weight, preference, and back condition. It is made with the best and most natural comfort ingredients at a great factory-direct price.

We make better mattresses because we use the best grades of foam from all over the World. Foam is the key comfort ingredient used in all mattresses. The right grades of foam and the right firmness will help improve the quality of your sleep.

Organic Cotton Cover

Your Custom 3" Topper Can Be:

All Natural Latex Rubber

A Combo of Latex & Koosh Natural

A Combo of  Latex & Cool ViscoGel 

The Latex and ViscoGel Combo is known as the Simon Sensal. It is made with the best and most natural latex rubber along with the coolest memory foam that is made with swirls of cooling gel.

Separate Removeable Topper

Actual ViscoGel Cells

Sleep your best on a properly configured custom mattress that is made just for you!