Simon Cooler Mattress

Memory Foam with Swirls of Cool Gel

For the past several years, memory foams have been the hottest material in premium bedding – in more ways than one. Memory foam has the ability to conform to your personal body shape; thereby, providing customized comfort where you need it most. However, many people find that memory foam also tends to trap body heat, making them very warm to sleep on.

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Now, thanks to Koosh VG, the memory foam infused with swirls of cool Gel, and Cooler Extreme you no longer have to choose between shape-conforming comfort and a cool sleep surface. Starting from $1,795.

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Mattress Layers

1. Cooler Extreme Cover – made with cooling thread for a noticeably cooler sleep surface
2. Fireshield Barrier – self-extinguishable natural fire barrier to protect foam core
3. ViscoGel Topper – memory foam made with swirls of cool gel for a cooler sleep surface and pressure point relief
4. Adjustable Mid-Core Layers – can be adjusted for a softer or firmer feel and long-lasting durability
5. Head & Foot Zoning - softer compression for added comfort & pressure point relief
6. Firm Edges - firmer 3” border around mattress for better edge support
Click on "Adjust or Remove" buttons to see how layers change.

Memory Foam Gel Mattress

The problem with memory foam, also known as visco-elastic, was never the comfort – it was its tendency to trap excess body heat and become too warm for comfortable sleep.

Memory foams have the ability to conform to your personal body shape; thereby, providing customized comfort where you need it most. However, many people find that memory foams also tend to trap body heat, making them uncomfortably warm to sleep on. Now, thanks to Koosh VG, you no longer have to choose between luxurious shape-conforming comfort and a cool comfortable sleep surface.

Traditional memory foams are also temperature sensitive. This is means your mattress will feel firmer when your room is cooler and softer in a warm bedroom environment. You’ll be happy to know that Koosh VG is not temperature sensitive and does not change firmness due to the temperature in your room.

Koosh Natural HR foam, a Foamite exclusive brand, is the world’s first bio-based high resiliency foam. Koosh VG is Certi-PUR Memory Foam combined with swirls of cooling gel. It’s about cooling down when your sleep area is heating up. This will help you to sleep longer without waking due to variations in temperature. You will feel the coolness as soon as you touch your mattress; especially if it is covered with our Cooler Extreme cover.

Our Koosh ViscoGel memory foam mattress was designed to change all that. Some people think it is the best memory foam mattress because it is made with bio-based memory foam and cool swirls of gel. For more information see Koosh VG Foam.

It’s like sleeping with open windows

Our mattresses are made with unrivaled product support and design assistance. We will analyze your present situation and use over 35 years of experience to recommend the best mattress for you and your partner. The right mattress and comfort ingredient for your weight, preference, and back condition. Our unique state-of-the-art cool gel memory foam mattress offers cooler, luxurious, shape-conforming comfort.

The Preserve HR transition layer allows you to gradually sink into your mattress. Without it you would sink through the memory foam topper and feel the firmer core under it. The Koosh Natural high resiliency core provides better support and exceptional long-lasting durability.

Koosh Natural, high resiliency foam is used in commercial applications, and it is meant to take a beating and still maintain its shape and firmness much better than the polyurethane cores that you will find in foam mattresses that are sold in stores. As a matter of fact, you will be hard-pressed to find any mattress in North America that uses a similar quality in its cores, instead of light-weight filler foam.

In case the cool gel memory foam (Koosh ViscoGel) was not cool enough for you, you can also add a layer of NeoGel to the top of your Viscogel topper. The solid gel topper along with air channels in the core, air vents in the firm edges, and our Cooler Extreme cover will help to dissipate moisture and heat and to preserve optimal comfort.

Moisture evaporates through the skin during the day and at night. The three-dimensional knitted material combined with the ventilating layers of the Simon Cooler mattress, provides for optimum ventilation and cause perspiration to spread over a large surface so that it can evaporate rapidly.

Mattress Construction

The Simon Cooler mattress is ten inches thick. As in all Simon models, the mid-core layers are not joined but they are held together with a liner that is zipped to keep the layers from moving. By unzipping the inner liner and moving the layers around you can adjust the overall firmness to make your mattress feel softer or firmer.

A softer mattress will allow you to contour into your mattress and alleviate any uncomfortable pressure points. A firmer mattress, in your mid-section, will give you better support and help to maintain your spine in its natural alignment.

The Simon Cooler Mattress is made with softer grades in your head and foot zones and something firmer in the mid-section where all your weight is concentrated. You can change the firmness of your mattress as often as you want for as long as you own your Simon mattress.

Our mattresses are far from ordinary. If you take the time to do it right, you can buy a mattress for the rest of your life. Don’t buy what they sell you, instead buy what we can make for you. Why buy a mattress from a mattress store when you can go to Foamite, foam, and mattress manufacturer, for so much more.

Cooler Extreme Cover

Swirls of gel avoid hot spots thatare common with memory foamthat is embedded with gel particles

Cool premium comfortcombined with greatenvironmental resiliency!