Simon Adjustable Mattress

A Modern Mattress for Modern People

What is comfortable, for you? Anything you want it to be!

Simon is a Lifetime Mattress that is made with sustainable materials that are everlasting, adjustable, and replaceable. It is original and as unique as you are.

Simon is not only more natural, but it is also more economical. Instead of having to buy a new mattress or suffering through a bad mattress experience, you can replace a two-inch layer in the mid-section, for a fraction of the price of having to buy a new mattress.

Now that’s economical and sustainable! Good for you and the environment.

You don’t throw your car away when the battery or starter dies, so why throw away your mattress, if the topper sags or if the core is no longer supportive? Starting from $1,469.

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Mattress Layers

1. Simon Cover - separate zippered durable natural cover for easy access of layers
2. Fireshield Barrier - self-extinguishable natural fire barrier to protect foam core
3. Softer Topper - for initial softness, added comfort and pressure point relief
4. Adjustable Mid-Core Layers - can be adjusted for a softer or firmer feel and long-lasting durability
5. Head & Foot Zoning - softer compression for added comfort & pressure point relief
6. Firm Edges - firmer 3” border around mattress for better edge support
Click on "Adjust or Remove" buttons to see how layers change.

Simon says, sleep better on a custom mattress!

The Simon custom mattress is made specifically for you using the best and most natural comfort ingredients. A properly configured mattress allows you to sleep deeper and wake less often because you are not being pulled out of a deep sleep by a bed surface that is either too firm or too soft. This will definitely improve the quality of your sleep and do so in a sustainable way.

Landfills are full of old, rusted spring mattress cores that don’t decompose for hundreds of years. Simon is made with biodegradable foam that decomposes once you are done with it. Even better, during its 20-year life span, you can change the topper, the core, or the cover and continue with the same mattress.

Why suffer through a bad mattress experience, with pressure points in your shoulders and hips or develop lower back pain because you can’t afford to buy another new mattress right away?

You are here because you have already had a bad mattress experience or because you want to avoid one. Over the past three decades, we have done things differently than the rest of the mattress industry and we’re not quite done yet. This is our latest disruption to how the mattress industry works.

You are also here because you are not easily influenced by social media marketers who do not make their own mattresses. They all say they are made in Canada, but they neglect to mention that they are not manufacturers and that they are not the ones making them.

Several of them have contacted us to make their mattresses, but we declined because we would like to offer you better quality and natural options, in a lifetime custom mattress, for less.

Sleep in your mattress…not on it!

Our Simon mattress is 10 inches thick. However, according to our Egocheck pressure testing, you only sleep in the top 4 to 6 inches of your mattress, depending on your weight.

By moving the layers around you can adjust the overall firmness to make your mattress feel softer or firmer. A softer topper will allow you to contour into your mattress and prevent any uncomfortable pressure points which cause restless tossing and turning. A firmer mattress, in your mid-section, will give you better support and help to maintain your spine in its natural alignment.

The Simon Mattress is zoned with a softer topper, softer grades in your head and foot zones, and something firmer in the mid-section where all your weight is concentrated. The loose mid-core layers allow you to adjust the firmness of your mattress as often as you want for as long as you own your Simon mattress.

If you buy a Queen or King size mattress, your partner can get what they need or on their half of the mattress. We pioneered this concept over 35 years ago. This way neither person needs to compromise and sleep on a mattress firmness that is not right for them. No wonder surveys show that “…68% of people sleep on a mattress that is the wrong firmness”.

Mattress in a box marketers want you to think that one mattress fits all, but we know different, and we know comfort. If one mattress was good for every “body” then there wouldn’t be a need for 45 different grades of foam and countless combinations that can be made to suit everybody’s weight, back condition, and preference.

Simon Mattress Construction

The top layer is joined to the firm edges, the head, and the foot zones. The mid-core cavity is filled with four adjustable two-inch layers that are enclosed in a separate liner. Once the mid-core is put in place the whole core is encased in another liner, or Fireshield barrier, before the outer cover is zipped on.

By flipping the mattress over, with the top down, you can unzip the cover and liner and access the mid-core layers. The grades that are used in the top six inches will determine the firmness of your mattress and what we refer to as the Ergo Number (ER #). By flipping the core over, with the soft top down, you can add three more ER # variations that are on the firmer end of your chosen range.

You should know that the last two numbers of each foam grade represent the firmness of the foam. For example, the KN11 has an 11 lb. compression or ILD (Indentation Load Deflection). By knowing the ILD you can tell how firm the foam is. Also by adding all the ILD’s together and dividing them by the top six inches, you can tell the firmness of your mattress. This is based on how you have arranged the grades in the top three layers.

By moving the layers around you can recalculate your Ergo Number as shown in the table to the right. That way you can adjust your firmness to a softer more comfortable surface or a firmer core for added support. You can also replace a layer or two anytime you want to for a different feel or a longer-lasting mattress.

Simon says… Come in and get comfortable. Custom mattresses, made with the best and most natural ingredients at a great factory-direct price. All our mattresses are still made here (in Canada) since 1988.

Advantage of buying Factory Direct

One of the biggest advantages of buying directly from a foam and mattress manufacturer is that we make each mattress to order and specifically for you. This is important because the mattress hasn’t sat in a compressed state and wrapped in plastic, on a warehouse shelf, for several months.

All plastic off-gasses and the mattress cover will absorb offensive odours that will take a long time to dissipate depending on how long it has been wrapped in plastic. Also, when you compress a mattress, it will crush the cells and if left sitting in a box for a long time it will make the mattress softer than its initial intended firmness.

Your custom Foamite mattress will only be compressed, if necessary, on the day it is shipped to you. If you unbox your mattress within 10 days of shipping it will avoid any premature softening. Depending on unboxing or shipping time, we can even make your mattress a little firmer to begin with to offset any softening from the compression and roll pack process. You can’t get this kind of knowledge or service from a warehouse or mattress store.


Simon Adjustable Cover

Simon Adjustable Cover

Simon Mattress Construction

The Right Firmness for You

Ergo (ER#) Number Calculation