Latex Hybrid Mattress

All Natural Latex with Koosh Contour Pockets

If you want Latex, at a better price point but still want to buy a premium custom mattress, you can combine latex with Koosh Natural on the other side. That way you get the best of both worlds. The initial comfort of luxurious all natural latex, combined with the deep down support of commercial grade Koosh Natural High Resiliency foam.

The Koosh Contour Pockets can be softer than the firmer core and even match the compression of the latex on top. That way when you flip the mattress it will feel the same but still provide a cooler side to sleep on during the summer months. Starting from $1,269.

Mattress Layers

1. Fireshield Barrier - Self-extinguishing natural fire barrier liner
2. All Natural Latex - The most durable grade, non-allergenic and 100% natural
3. Koosh Natural Core - High Resiliency foam that does not soften with use like plastic-based polyurethane foam that is sold in stores
4. Koosh Contour Pockets - Superior posturizing reduces muscular pressure points. Air channels provide maximum air circulation. Independent pockets reduce transfer of motion from one side of bed to the other. This side up for summer use.
5. Firm Edges with Air Vents - For better edge support and air circulation throughout
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Natural Latex combined with Koosh Natural high resiliency soy foam

The best of both worlds - the world's best and purest latex rubber combined with the world's first soy-based High Resiliency (HR) foam that has been molded into contour pockets for the best posturizing and air circulation. The latex is warmer and is recommended for winter use. In the summer, you can flip it over and sleep on the Contour Pocket side. If you are really hot we can add a layer of NeoGel for an even cooler sleep surface. If you prefer memory foam we can replace the latex with a layer of memory foam. Even better, have it your way on your side of the bed.

Rest your body on natural goodness by trading in your traditional bedding for an environmentally friendly mattress that was designed just for you. Until now, the majority of bedding was made with polyurethane foam derived from petro-chemicals. Some imports even contained formaldehyde, PBDEs and other harsh chemicals that have been linked to numerous health problems. For the past 30 years, we have focused on eco-friendly options long before it was cool to do so.

Nature's perfect mix for all seasons: Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter!

In 2007, we introduced the World's First Soy-based High Resiliency foam to Canada. Koosh Natural is made with renewable soy bean oil. It has been used in numerous commercial seating applications and the best and most comfortable mattresses that are customized to suit your needs. You will love it. Your back will love it and so will Mother Nature.

The Cocona Natural cover on your Koosh Hybrid mattress is two-sided to accommodate two different types of foam. It is quilted on top to give you a softer and warmer feel for winter use or for when you feel like a softer mattress. The bottom panel does not contain any quilting; therefore, you will feel the firmer core more than you would with a cover that is quilted. The bottom is also made with a 3D spacer mesh to allow for better air flow and a cooler mattress in the summer.

The Cocona ticking won the award in 2011, at the Interzum World Bedding Expo, for the Best New Intelligent Material & Design. It is guaranteed to be free of hazardous substances and meets the Oeko-Tex100 European Standard.

It's About Healthy Living!

Bamboo Anti-Microbial Cover