Contour Foam Pocket Mattress

Stop Waking Up Tired

The Perfect Balance of Genuine Comfort and Deep Down Support

Everybody deserves a custom mattress that is specifically made for them based on their weight, preference and back condition. They can also afford one if they shop factory direct and cut out the middleman.

Our Contour Foam Pocket mattress combines higher density foam in different levels of firmness for initial softness and deep down support.

Unlike pocket coils that are joined together to keep them from falling over, our contour foam pockets are truly independent. The channels between the pockets allow the air to circulate under your body and keep the mattress from getting hot. Starting from $895.

Mattress Layers

1. Fireshield Barrier - Self-extinguishing natural fire barrier liner
2. Koosh Contour Pockets - Superior posturizing reduces muscular pressure points. Air channels provide maximum air circulation. Independent pockets reduce transfer of motion from one side of bed to the other. This can be softer for a more comfortable sleep.
3. Koosh Natural Core - High Resiliency foam that does not soften with use like plastic-based polyurethane foam that is sold in stores. Firm core gives you long lasting deep down support.
4. Koosh Contour Pockets - Koosh is available in 6 different compressions to contour to every curve of your body. This side can be firmer for orthopedic layering and back pain relief.
5. Firm Edges with Air Vents - For better edge support and air circulation throughout
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Contour Foam Pocket Mattress

Chances are you need better sleep. Do you suffer from back pain? Are you tossing and turning due to uncomfortable pressure points? Are you waking up tired? Are your partner's movements keeping you awake? Where are you at in your mattress life cycle and what kind of Mattress Problems have you had in the past?

As a foam and mattress manufacturer we know more about comfort and what you need to sleep better for a longer period of time. By shopping factory direct you can afford superior quality for a reasonable amount of money. We will give you the best value and help you with your mattress problems.

Everybody deserves a custom mattress that is specifically made to suit their side of the bed. Our Contour Foam Pocket Mattress combines higher density foam for proper support and spine alignment and extra softness on top to help relieve pressure points in your shoulders and hips. Unlike pocket coils that are joined together to keep them from falling over, our contour foam pockets are truly independent with deep channels that separate each row of pockets. These channels will give you better air circulation.

This Mattress is Designed to:

  1. Contour to your shape and maintain natural spine alignment.
  2. Give you the proper comfort and support for your weight and help to relieve any lower back pain.
  3. Be non-allergenic and dust mite resistant.
  4. Be made with our exclusive Koosh Natural high resiliency foam that is guaranteed to last.
  5. Be made with two different firmnesses to accommodate couples with different needs in the same mattress.

The right combination for you can be easily determined by simply requesting a Sleep Analysis.

Choosing the right combination will improve your quality of sleep.

Contour Foam Pockets

  • Superior posturizing reduces muscular pressure points
  • Orthopedic layering allows for better spine alignment
  • Environmentally friendly and no off-gassing
  • Independent support for each partner
  • Pockets stop movement on other side of bed
  • You can choose your firmness on your side of the bed
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EcoComfort Cover

Foamite Comfort Guarantee

Your mattress is guaranteed to maintain its original shape and comfort for the lifetime of the warranty on your grade of foam.
See Foam Grades for details.