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Most mattresses that are made for commercial applications are usually ordered in a firm or extra firm compression. You should know that a firm bed resists rather than conforms to the natural position of your body. Therefore, your body must constantly adjust in order to get comfortable – sometimes as much as 60 to 80 times a night.

By using scientific testing we can better determine the right firmness for your application. We also carry 45 different grades of foam including natural latex, memory foam (in various qualities) and our exclusive brands of soy-based natural foam - Ecocell, NeoCell, Enurtia Visco-Soy and Koosh Natural. Our foams come in different levels of firmness that can be combined to give you the best comfort, support, durability and price.

We make better mattresses because we use better foam

We make better mattresses because we use better foam

Full Foam for Days Inn Hotel

A lot of Hotels experimented with full foam mattresses in the early nineties. When they did they pleasantly discovered that guests actually noticed and commented on how comfortable and relaxing the mattresses were.

The research wasn't particularly scientific. Hotel staff merely recorded the comments of a number of regular guests that were asked to grade each model. Their choice, based on nothing more than a comfortable night's sleep, was full foam.

Based on the research and the overwhelming response by their guests, some Hotels changed all their beds to foam mattresses and have not looked at conventional spring mattresses since.

Customers who have slept on foam specifically ask for a full foam mattress when they make their reservations. Similarly, people who have slept on foam in a Hotel are coming to us and replacing their mattress at home with a full foam sleep system. That is why full foam is the fastest growing sleep surface.

  • Convolute Toppers (1.5" thick) available in all three levels for better comfort and air circulation.
  • Firmer and heavier cores in mid-section for better support and spine alignment for the heaviest part of your body
  • Designed with softer head and foot sections for pressure point relief and support.
  • Firm Edges for better edge support. Keeps mattress from sagging when you sit on the side.
  • Waterproof covers can be made with a centre 360 degree zipper for easier removal or cover replacement.
  • Protective flaps (waterfall cover) fall over zipper to maintain waterproofing properties.

Foam Facts & Information

We want to help your patients and customers sleep better by giving you the mattress that is right for them. We use scientific testing to determine the right firmness for your application. We also carry 45 grades of foam including: the world's best latex, 5 types of memory foam and our exclusive brands of soy-based foam - Ecocell, NeoCell, Enurtia Visco-Soy and Koosh Natural. They come in different levels of firmness that can be combined to give you the best comfort, support and durability.

  • Most commercial mattresses are made with lower density polyurethane foam grades that range from 1.3 lbs to 1.9 lbs in density. We know because we supply them.
  • Polyurethane grades soften up quicker with use and more than High Resiliency (HR) grades. Some are made with Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) to make the foam fire retardant. These chemicals have been linked to numerous health problems. None of our grades contain PBDEs.
  • We can supply you with any polyurethane grade or you may want to go with one of our exclusive higher density, longer lasting, bio-foam grades. The choice is yours.
    • Good Ecocell 2.0 lb high density polyurethane, some soy content, white colour
    • Better NeoCell heavier 2.2 lb high density foam, more soy content, blue colour
    • Or Best Koosh Natural 2.5 lb density HR foam, the most soy content, green colour
  • All bio-based foams are fire retardant (no PBDEs). Koosh Natural is made with organic halogen free fire retardants.

Foam Goes to Hospital

It is not uncommon to hear that hospital and nursing home mattresses are less than comfortable. But now there are indications that these complaints could be more serious than a little short term patient discomfort. Along with suggestions that a relaxed sleep speeds healing and recovery, decubitus ulcers, more commonly known as bedsores, have become a bewildering and costly, healthcare concern.

Foam Overlays are Popular

Foam overlays, a two to three inch thick pad of traditional "eggcrate" convolute, were the most popular solution until memory foam arrived on the scene. Although convolute is still widely used, it is the memory foam toppers that have been proven as a better alternative that provide patients with comfort and reduce pressure oriented sores.

Hotels Are Choosing Foam

A comfortable, relaxed sleep is a must for building a solid repeat customer base.

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