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The Largest Selection of Foam Mattresses in Canada

The Right Mattress at the Right Price

Foamite is a foam and mattress manufacturer. We predominately supply foam to the furniture and bedding industries. We also make a complete line of Commercial Mattresses, with matching foundations, in any size that you require. Also, by using our Ergocheck Pressure Testing technology and 45 different grades of foam we can recommend what quality and firmness is best for your application.

We have been in business since 1988 and we have always supplied mattresses to camps directly or through distributors. We are a commercial member of the OCA (Ontario Camps Association) and we also sell camp mattresses and replacement covers to all kinds of overnight camps across Canada.

We know foam and comfort. We also know about all the games that distributors play in order to beat our price on a premium quality camp mattress. If you are buying from the right place this does not mean that it has to cost you more. Similarly, if you want the cheapest possible price we can give you that as well. All you have to do is show us a sample and an invoice and we will give you the same quantity and quality for 10% less than what you recently paid for it.

5 Easy Steps to Choosing the Right Mattresses

Step 1 – Choose your size

There are so many standard mattress sizes that we make for camps. The problem is that everybody calls their size a standard camp mattress when it may not be. If it’s not, no worries, we can make it in any size or thickness that you require.

Step 2 – Get to know your foam first

Not all foam is created equal. We carry 45 different grades. Foam is rated by its density (weight of the foam) and its compression (how soft or hard it is). Heavier foam, with higher densities, will last longer. The compression has no bearing on the durability or the price.

We can make you a camp mattress in any of the following densities:
1.0 lb, 1.1 lb, 1.2 lb, 1.3 lb, 1.4 lb, 1.5 lb, 1.7 lb, 1.8 lb, 1.9 lb, 2.0 lbs/cubic foot. In each density range you can choose a number of different compressions all at the same price.

Step 3 – Choose your cover

The covers are made with heavy duty 32oz automotive grade fire retardant vinyl. They are very durable and a taupe/beige in colour. The covers can be all vinyl or a combination of commercial grade cotton, on the top, and vinyl on the bottom. Our covers are made with zippers so that you can open them up to see what’s inside and so that you can replace them if the need arises.

Replacement covers with long 3-sided zippers are half the cost of buying a whole new mattress. We also make replacement covers in any size you require.

Step 4 – Choose your price point

We can make a 4 x 30 x 72 size mattress in a number of different price points. It all depends on what you put inside them and what you cover it with. Give us a call and let us talk to you about your options. Some people may not want to know all the details and just want the lowest price but I think the more you know the better it is for both of us. On the other hand, there are others who exaggerate the density of the foam or who may not know what they are selling, so they just make it up. We have experienced this with a number of distributors over the years.

Step 5 – Avoid imposters

Some may tell you that the harder the foam is the better the quality. That is not true. The density of the foam determines the quality and not the compression. Others will fill the core with polyester fibre, lighter than the cheapest foam, or scrap foam that is shredded down and glued together. We can do that too if that is what you want.

The worst is when the cover is completely closed around the foam and the only way to check inside is by ripping off the cover. One can't help but wonder what they are hiding. What’s inside matters!


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Common foam grades and mattress sizes
Basic - 1338 30 x 72 39 x 75
Good - 1535 32 x 72 54 x 74
Better - 1835 36 x 72 59 x 79
Best - EC38 36 x 74 60 x 80
Available in any thickness that you require

Mattress covers are made with 3-sided zippers for easy replacement