Mattress Buying: It's all about the price, isn't it?

We call them consumers, but they should be researchers, too. In fact, a Better Sleep Council survey in 2020 found that, on average, people consult three to four sources before they make a mattress purchase. Some people just base their purchase on the price alone and believe it or not this kind of comparison can work against you.

Of course, you have the people that are bargain shoppers and price checkers who buy something because it is the lowest price but, believe it or not, there are also people that pay more for something and believe they must be getting better quality because they paid so much more for it.

Two Shoppers who are willing to pay more for less!

A couple was in our factory showroom checking out our mattresses. Our showroom manager gave them a detailed Sleep Analysis and an education about the different grades of foam and how mattresses are made in the industry today.

I was on the mezzanine above the showroom working on a different project, when I heard the wife turn to her husband and say, “…. oh this mattress can’t be as good as the other one we saw at (blank) because it costs $1,000 less.

Couple Mattress Shopping

Seriously? I can’t be the only one thinking, what’s wrong with this picture? The other well-known national brand was selling at a Carpet store that also sold furniture and mattresses. Personally, I wouldn’t go to a foam and mattress factory to buy a carpet so why would you do the opposite?

We also get people that come into our showroom that have bought a 20-year mattress that only lasted 4 years. They are full of regrets and very disappointed that it only lasted that long considering that they paid over $4,000 for a Queen mattress at a national mattress chain. 

If you want to buy a good mattress, get to know your foam first!

Before you check the price and take your card out as a consumer, be a researcher first, and learn a little more about what makes a good mattress and what will provide you with long lasting comfort and support. You should also know that:

  1. Foam is the key comfort ingredient used in all mattresses, sofas and even under carpet as underlay.
  2. All foam is not the same, we carry 45 different grades, and
  3. If you want to buy a good mattress, get to know your foam first!
Mattress Buying Guide

We will educate you like no other mattress retailer will or can. And then we will leave it up to you to choose the foam or mattress that is best for you.

As a manufacturer we have supplied mattress makers with foam. You would be surprised with what some put in a mattress cover and then sew it shut so that you can’t look inside.

We wanted to show people what was inside our mattresses (all our mattress covers are made with zippers), save people money, give them a chance to change the core of their mattress as many times as they wanted and make people’s lives better in some small way – sleep better to live better!

No one that cares about their sleep should buy a brand name mattress without really knowing what they are buying – what’s inside matters! No one goes to sleep thinking about the brand of mattress that they are sleeping on. However, everyone wakes up feeling better or worse depending on what they slept on and for how long.

In over three decades of business, our best form of advertising is still satisfied customers and word-of-mouth. Ask anyone who knows us and they will tell you that there is no better alternative for mattresses or custom cut foam products.

Why buy a mattress at a mattress or carpet store when you can go to the Foamite factory for so much more?

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Bob has been in the comfort business, as the founder and CEO of Foamite, since 1988. Foamite is a foam and mattress manufacturer that is located in Toronto with its head office factory location in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Foam, sleep and comfort can be very technical, scientific and complicated but it does not have to be that way. Let us break it down for you and help you choose the right foam grades for your sitting or sleeping requirements. Thank you for reading. Now, let us make your bed.
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