Make Sure You Sleep Like A Kid Every Night

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Afternoon naps. Falling asleep in the back seat of the car. Having a favourite blankie to help you drift off. Kids know what they’re doing when it comes to sleep. In honour of Better Sleep Month, we’re encouraging you to reconnect with your inner child and sleep like a kid again.

Take Advice from the Experts

To sleep like a kid, you’ve got to think about sleep as a kid does. We went straight to the source and posed all of our pressing questions about sleep – do we need 8 hours of shut-eye every night? Should we sleep in a dark room? Should we check under the bed for monsters? The answers we got were quite entertaining.

“What’s a Good Night’s Sleep? About 380 Hours.

Kids might not have the best understanding of time management, or frankly how many hours are in the day. But it’s clear they know that getting enough sleep is important.

  • Stick to a routine. No matter how old you are, you can be mighty cranky when you don’t get enough sleep. Adults can benefit from consistent sleep schedules that allow for enough hours of sleep just like youngsters sleep better when they adhere to the sleep schedule their parents set.
  • Find the ideal bedtime. Kids don’t always recognize when they’re getting overtired and wired. But you can. Observe what time of day you normally begin to slow down and exhibit physical fatigue. Try to get to bed before then so you don’t get a second wind.

“The Trick to Making Monsters Go Away Is to Hide under the Covers”

While monsters might not exist (shh don’t tell the kids!), kids understand the benefits of a comfortable sleep environment.

  • Ban clutter. Kids can’t sleep when there are monsters under their beds. Adults can’t sleep when there is junk under their beds. Keep your bedroom somewhat sparse and your accessories to a minimum to create a calming environment.
  • Put tech on timeout. “Come on, Mom! Just a few more minutes!” You don’t let your kids get away with it, so eliminate the double standard. Reducing screen time in the hours before lights-out may help promote earlier sleep onset. Start by entirely banishing the TV and other electronic devices from the bedroom.
  • Delve into darkness. Some kids may be afraid of the dark, but a dark room is the best type of room to help you fall asleep. Choose room-darkening blinds, shades or drapes that allow you to plunge the room into peaceful darkness for sleep, but let the sunshine in the rest of the time.

Expert Sleep Tip: “Count to a Million”

Falling asleep and staying asleep at night can sometimes be a challenge. However, our “experts” know exactly what to do to get you sleeping soundly.

  • Try sleep aids. Kids might need a bedtime story to wind down. You might need yoga nidra, a weighted blanket, melatonin, and pink or white noise. Explore different types of sleep aids to find something that will help you get the extra zzz’s you need.
  • Time for tea. Chamomile tea might not be a fan favorite for youngsters, but it’s a great drink that can help you settle into slumber. The flavonoid apigenin creates a calming response in the brain so that we feel sleepy.
  • Music of the night. Tossing and turning all night? Hit “play” and let the sweet sounds of classical music become your night time lullaby.

“I Love My Bed. It Has Comfy In It.

Kids clearly see that a good, quality mattress plays an important role in getting your best zzz’s. They also know that if your mattress doesn’t provide you comfort, it’s not going to work out between you two.

What you should know is that consumers don’t really know what to buy when it comes to mattresses. However, educated consumers go directly to manufacturers, like FOAMITE, to provide them with better quality sleep options at a variety of price points.

  • Find your mattress match. In order to find the mattress of your dreams, it’s important to check out a new one. We don’t recommend buying a mattress without a thorough Sleep Analysis and knowing all your options first.
  • Re-evaluate your mattress. Just like kids, adults can outgrow their beds too. If you’ve had your mattress for at least seven years, it’s time to think about getting a new one.


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