Koosh is the Best High Resiliency Foam for Sitting or Sleeping

At FOAMITE, we have created Koosh Natural, an alternative range of foam for sitting or sleeping, using renewable natural resources. Koosh Natural is made with soy-bean oil that has been used to replace most of the petrochemicals that are commonly used to make flexible polyurethane foam.

We can now help to preserve our world by decreasing consumption of petrochemicals and increasing the use of crops harvested from nature. The production of soy bean oil is more energy efficient than its synthetic counterparts, so that the carbon footprint is also reduced. We think your family will enjoy the natural protection afforded by Koosh Natural.

Think, Preserve, Act

Koosh Natural is the World’s First Soy-based High Resiliency foam. It is a premium high density and high resiliency foam that has been used in a number of commercial applications because it provides the best comfort, support and durability. Not only does it maintain its shape and firmness much longer than conventional polyurethane grades it does not off-gas and it is certified pure.

All Foam is not Created Equal

Foam has become such a widely used material because it provides a unique combination of form and function. It’s light, quiet, resists mildew, and won’t aggravate common allergies. With the right equipment, foam can easily be cut or molded to almost any shape. At the same time, foam can be made to provide very supple or very firm cushioning for any given application. Even though two foams may look the same, they may feel and perform entirely different.

Key Ingredients to all Foam Applications

Although a number of different measurements and tests may be used to choose what foam to use in any given application, almost any selection task has to do with one or all of the following three elements as its final goal.

1. Support: The foam has to be able to support each person’s individual weight.
2. Comfort: Foam cushioning has to feel good to the user and provide comfortable use.
3. Durability: The foam has to hold up through use without losing its original properties.

These are the basic benefits that foam cushioning provides, and if the needs in each of these three areas are evaluated first, selecting the proper foam for a given use becomes fairly simple. A sofa seat cushion has to have good support, comfort, and durability. While the arm and back cushions for the same sofa need to last and be comfortable, but will not necessarily be required to support much weight. The foam used to line the case of a video camera needs to support its weight and hold up through use, but the camera cares nothing about comfort.

The Importance of a Good Piece of Foam

1. New developments in foam, have made foam the fastest growing sleep surface.
2. Foam is the key comfort ingredient used on all mattresses.
3. The right firmness of foam helps to relieve pressure points.
4. The layering of different grades of foam gives you proper posturizing and maintains
your spine in its natural alignment.
5. Foam is non-allergenic, dust mite free and recommended by doctors all over the world.
6. Consumers don’t really know what to buy. Educated consumers go directly to manufacturers (like FOAMITE) to provide them with better quality sleep options at a variety of price points.

If you want “Real Comfort” you should view buying a sofa, just like buying a mattress, as a major purchase. In both cases knowledge is power and that alone will determine how comfortable you will be (for how long). It will also ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Start every day with a good night’s sleep…


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