Fun Facts About Daylight Saving Time

Hey everybody, Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend!

It is that time of year when days become shorter and nights become longer. And of course, since we are in the sleep business, this is the time of year we like singing, “Thank the Lord for the night time!”, by Neil Diamond. We too, thank the Lord for the night time to forget the day.

The time change will definitely be a disruption to your sleep routine. It will be a problem; especially in the early going, but look at the bright side if you have been following bad sleep habits, over the summer and early fall, this is your opportunity to turn it all around. Now you can adjust your body’s clock to go “early to bed and early to rise”.

Here are some fun facts about Daylight Saving Time

  1. It is actually “Daylight Saving (singular) Time”, and not “Daylight Savings (plural) Time.”
  2. The actual originator, of DST, was British-born New Zealand entomologist George Vernon Hudson in 1895, who wanted to gain extra daylight to collect and study bugs. Hey George, you bug us! Stop messing with our sleep. If only Social Media was around back then, no way would this happen.
  3. There is no international standard for DST, which is observed by about 70 countries, excluding China and Japan. Many countries near the equator do not adjust their clocks.
  4. The Uniform Time Act of 1966 established the system of uniform DST throughout the U.S. and Canada calling for the last Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October. President George W. Bush’s Energy Policy Act of 2005 extended DST (starting in 2007) from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November.
  5. Two-thirds of North Americans feel that DST is not worth the hassle, according to a 2014 Rasmussen poll. See I told you.
  6. While it is commonly believed that DST saves energy use, some studies show that consumption may actually increase. More time spent on social media – phones, laptops, iPads, TVs, and other screens.
  7. Television networks love November 1st when TV viewership soars.
  8. “Falling back” isn’t as dangerous as “springing ahead,” when there is a higher risk of accidents by sleep-deprived drivers, as well as heart attacks, strokes, susceptibility to illness, seasonal depression, and poorer results by students on college entrance exams.
  9. Farmers have never welcomed DTS, as commonly believed. They fought proposals to implement it, and one agricultural lobby argued to repeal it more than 100 years ago in 1919.
  10. States can exempt themselves from participating, but Arizona and Hawaii are presently the only two that do not observe the time change. I like Hawaii. Maybe we should move there?

Now is a good time to flip or check your mattress

Sleep better through the time change

Sleeping on the right mattress, made with the best foam, and getting into a good sleep routine is something that we highly recommend to help you sleep better, see Better Sleep Tips. However, if you have a good sleep routine it may need some adjustment.

Start every day with a good night’s sleep


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