How to Sleep Cooler on a Memory Foam Mattress

VG-BLOGFor the past several years, memory foam has been the hottest material in premium bedding – in more ways than one. Here is what you need to know to sleep cool on the best memory foam mattress.

You can “sleep cool” on memory foam if you take the time to sweat the details. Do your homework to understand the design and construction of a mattress. It can be made with cooler foam and materials that allow for the best air circulation possible.

Within the memory foam industry, there are a variety of formulas and combinations that can affect coolness, comfort, support and durability. Reviews can help highlight differences between brands and models, but learning about composition and construction can help shoppers determine the best mattress for staying cool and how to get the best value for their money.

Retailers that we talk to think that, “consumers don’t really know what to look for in sleep products and they buy what they are sold.” Therefore, the onus of providing a better quality sleep lies with the sleep products manufacturers and designers, and their deeper understanding of true sleep attributes, and the ways to meet them.

In order to get educated you should talk to a foam and mattress manufacturer, like Foamite, before you tour the mattress stores or buy a mattress anywhere else. We have obsessively designed a memory foam mattress, with the best (coolest and most natural) ingredients from all over the world and offer it to you, with a custom construction, at a shockingly low factory direct price. Simply put, you can buy the mattress that retails for $4,000 from us for $1,800 or you can buy the $1,750 mattress for $850, factory direct.

Memory Foam Mattress Basics

In the defense of memory foam, staying cool during the night is an issue to some degree with owners of nearly every type of mattress. Overall approximately 6% of innerspring mattress owners and 14% of memory foam mattress owners report their mattresses sleep uncomfortably hot.

Traditional memory foam tends have tighter cell structure which can impede air flow, especially with closed-cell structures. The heat activated nature of a traditional memory foam mattress can also lead to trapped heat and a “stuck” sensation, especially with denser grades of memory foam.

Soy-based memory foam infused with swirls of gel (Koosh Viscogel) replace a portion of the petroleum with botanically-sourced oils and may have a reduced chemical profile compared to other petroleum based polyurethanes. This type of foam is usually cooler and has proven more effective at dissipating heat than other memory foams.

Odour and Eco-friendliness

There is a newness smell whenever you buy a new product. This is natural even for the most natural products. This odour will and should dissipate within a few weeks of using a new mattress. It will dissipate even faster if you roll, crush or air the mattress out.

However, what is not natural is when customer service tells you that the odour will go away (within a few weeks) and it is still there two years later. Apparantly these are actual complaints about a leading national brand memory foam mattress on

Odour and off-gassing is a concern for many educated shoppers that know the adverse affect that these petro-based chemicals can have on one’s health. In order to safeguard yourself and your family against this harmful off-gassing you should buy a mattress that is made with foam that is certified pure.


Mattress Construction

If you want something even cooler you can add a layer of our solid blue NeoGel on the top of your mattress. It is like the gel foot insoles for your whole body. I have it on one side of my mattress, that way I can flip it depending on the time of year to sleep cooler or not.

MESH-BORDERThe firm edges are made with air vents, that way when you sit or roll on your mattress the vents allow all the warm air to come out. By the way, most memory foam mattresses are not made with firm edges let alone have air vents in them too.

Our mattress covers are made with mesh borders and the same fabric technology that is used in dri-fit golf clothing. This will help to dissipate air and moisture for an even cooler and more comfortable sleep.

The NeoGel Mattress is custom made to suit your weight, preference and back condition. Your partner can get what they need or want on their side of the bed. It’s the coolest memory foam mattress ever by design.

Sleep cooler and better by knowing the options that are available to do so./em>


R.C. (Bob) Dimas

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