By: Katherine Dimas

How to Choose the Perfect Mattress

Many a time couples will jump in their car and start searching high and low for the perfect mattress. They will go to various stores in their neighborhood and sometimes even drive across town hoping to find something new and different.

Some mattresses will be too firm, others will be too soft, too thick, too thin and then they have to try to find something suitable for both their needs and wants. On top of all that they also want to find a mattress that they feel good about.

They have lots of unanswered questions like – how was it made, how about the ingredients that went into making it, are they safe without off-gassing? How about the cover that goes on top and then they wondered what would happen to the mattress once it reached the end of its useful life? Wait a minute, before that, how long should this mattress last for them to feel like they got good value for their money?

In various mattress stores, they asked as many questions as they could. Some retailers were able to tell them about the various foams in the mattresses that they tested. The rest mumbled that they wished the manufacturers shared more about those things so they would know better.

According to research by the Better Sleep Council (BSC), there is lots of room for improvement for Retail Sales Agents. They discovered that only 27% of mattress salespeople are extremely knowledgeable about materials that are used to make a mattress and their sustainability practices. A whopping 78% find product information about mattresses too technical and very confusing.

Consumers don’t know what to look for in sleep products. Instead, they often buy what they are sold by salespeople who may not be that well-informed. The onus of providing better quality sleep lies with sleep product manufacturers and their deeper understanding of true sleep attributes, and the way to meet them.

This Couple’s Happy Ending

After driving all over town, this couple decided to visit the Foamite Vaughan Factory Showroom. They are foam and mattress manufacturers. Sleep and comfort experts. Foam is the key comfort ingredient used in all mattresses. If you want to buy a good mattress, get to know your foam first.

The couple received a quick education on the various grades of foam and the role that each played in initial comfort and deep-down support. At Foamite they were able to choose cooler natural options, organic covers, and a mattress that was made with adjustable and removable layers (Simon Mattress).

They also can sleep happily ever after because they were able to choose a custom mattress, with custom sides, so that they each could get the firmness that was best for them at a great factory price.


R.C. (Bob) Dimas

Be the best that you can be by doing whatever is necessary to improve the quality of your sleep!