Adjust Your Sleep for the Change in Time

Hey everybody, Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend!

It is that time of year when local standard time is about to “spring forward,” and turn into Daylight Saving Time. If you forget to turn your clocks forward, I am sure your smartphone will remind you and even do it automatically for you. Oh, how nice it would be if our body’s clock was as automatic as our smartphone.

The time change will definitely be a disruption to your sleep routine. It will be a problem; especially in the early going, but look at the bright side (of the bed) if you have been following bad sleep habits, over the fall and winter, this is your opportunity to turn it all around. Now you can adjust your body’s clock to go early to bed and early to rise.

FOAMITE recommends these tips to help you ease into Daylight Saving Time:

  1.  Go to sleep at your regular bedtime on Saturday night, when clocks move forward, and wake up at your regular time on Sunday morning. This can give you an extra hour of sleep the next morning and help to reduce your sleep debt.
  2. Block out light and keep your bedroom dark. Standard time causes the sun to rise about an hour earlier. This can impact sleep, especially for people accustomed to waking at or around sunrise.
  3. Increase the light when you wake up. Light has an alerting effect that may help you wake up. It will also help adjust your biological clock to the new sleep schedule.
  4. If you are having difficulty adjusting to the new time, try pushing back bedtime by 15 minutes for the next couple of nights.
  5. If you are sleeping later, do not fight your body’s need to go to bed an hour early, this will help you wake up earlier and to feel more rested when you do.

Sleeping on the right mattress, made with the best foam, and getting into a good sleep routine is something that we highly recommend to help you sleep better, see Better Sleep Tips. However, if you have a good sleep routine it may need some adjustment.

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