Foundations & Frames

Wood & Foam Foundations

Our Mattresses sit on wood & foam foundations that are covered to match your mattress. The best foundation for a foam mattress is a flat platform. Prices vary depending on thickness and cover.

Be careful when using old box springs. The springs tend to wear unevenly and the mattress starts to sag and take the shape of the weaker springs. Although you want to contour into your mattress, you do not want your mattress sagging into your foundation. We can make any size or thickness at a number of price points to suit your budget and requirements.

foam mattress box springs wood foundations

Metal Bed Frames

The metal bed frame is needed to raise the bed off the floor. It supports both your mattress and the foundation. It comes with brackets, at the end of the side rails, so that you can attach a headboard and footboard to the frame. You can buy a regular bed frame with only 4 wheels or feet for twin and double bed sizes. However, we strongly recommend that you buy a deluxe bed frame, with 6 wheels and a centre support, for Queen and King sizes which are commonly used by more than one person. The bed frame will lift your bed 7" off the floor. It is adjustable and fits all universal box springs and mattresses.