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ALWAYS-ON-SALE-300x225Last month I was up in the second floor of our showroom when I overheard two ladies talking to each other. As the salesperson turned to help another couple, one lady said to the other, this mattress is $1,000 less; it can’t be as good as the one that we saw at the other store. After asking, we soon discovered that the other store specialized in carpets and they sold furniture and mattresses, on the side.

Obviously they didn’t understand the concept of factory direct shopping and going to a company that specializes in mattresses – when you are looking to buy a (good) mattress. Not only do we specialize in mattresses we also supply the foam to other manufacturers that make mattresses. In case you didn’t know, foam is “the key comfort ingredient used in all mattresses”.

I guess in their opinion if you don’t have time for all the details then the best thing to do is to just compare the prices. It has been our experience, over the years, that price shopping can go either way. In this case, the award for better quality went to the one with the highest price. This is true in some cases but an educated consumer (our favourite kind) takes the time to make a good comparison and to really understand the reasons behind a higher or lower price.

Closed for the Holidays!

closed-holidays-150x150If you are looking for a Boxing Day, Week or Month, Sale I am sorry to tell you that we do not do that. For the past 26 years, we have always closed for the Holidays. This year we will be closed from Wednesday, December 24th, and re-open for regular business on Monday, January 5th, 2015.

We are not a mattress store. We are a foam and mattress manufacturer. We do not practice the art of retail pricing and price slashing. Compared to retail prices our prices are “Always on Sale” throughout the year. We stock some mattresses that can be taken with you (folded to fit in your car) but the majority of our mattresses are made to order for each customer based on their weight, preference, and back condition. We determine this after we conduct a thorough Sleep Analysis.

Retail Boxing Day Sales

A couple of the major retail mattress chains are going all out to let you know about their Boxing Day Specials. One is promoting a Queen mattress for $488. I bet you that our $295 Queen Size mattress will give you more comfort and last longer than that $488 Model. However, in most cases, they use the lower price to draw you in and then try to switch you to a higher-priced model. Do you know what goes into making a spring mattress? Mostly Air! Have a look here to see what’s inside a spring mattress.

According to the News 4 Hidden Camera Report on Mattresses, most retail mattress sales are a joke. I am sure that Boxing Day Mattress sales are no different. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for consumers to compare prices. According to Liz Crenshaw, a consumer reporter, “you can’t compare brands from store to store because they will never carry the same brand name”. Have a quick look it will help you to better understand the games that stores play when it comes to mattress advertising.

In another investigative report, they uncovered a manufacturer using old mattress cores to make new mattresses that they could sell at the “Best Price”.

If you want to buy a good mattress at the right price, you should buy it from the inside out and go to a manufacturer that can educate you on all the combinations available in today’s marketplace.

Make sure you rest over the Holidays and visit us in the New Year if you are not getting the sleep that you truly deserve.

Happy Holidays everyone and to all a good night’s sleep!


R.C. (Bob) Dimas

Be the best that you can be, over the Holidays, by maintaining a proper rest and sleep schedule!

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