Sleep Better

Sleep in your mattress...not on it!

"A firm bed resists, rather than conforming to the natural position of your body. Therefore, your body must constantly adjust in order to get comfortable - sometimes as much as 60 to 80 times a night."

Everybody needs a good night's sleep, especially with the pressures of modern day living. Sleep plays a vital role in recharging our batteries and keeping us healthy. Yet surprisingly few people relate the quality of sleep to the firmness of their mattress. Unfortunately, the majority are sleeping on a mattress that is either too hard or too soft for their particular weight.

hard supportive orthopedic foam queen mattress toronto An overly firm mattress creates uncomfortable pressure points in your shoulders and hips. This in turn, causes you to toss and turn restlessly throughout the night. In the morning you may wake up feeling sore and tired.
soft comfortable queen foam mattress vaughan A sagging or distorted sleep surface often promotes an unnatural spine alignment. To counter this condition your muscles, generally in the lower back area, tense up trying to restore a more natural positioning of the spine. It is this muscle tension that builds over the sleep period, and produces the morning discomfort or pain in the lower back area.
properly configured custom sized foamite queen mattress Whether you are a side or back sleeper, a proper mattress should conform to the shape of your body, particularly around the shoulders, hips and knees. It should also have a firm enough core to properly support your weight and stop you from sagging into the mattress. This comfort and support should both last a very long time.

You should also know that conventional spring mattresses are made with light weight foam and fibre toppers that mat down over a short period of time. Before you realize it, you are sleeping on the springs and tossing up to 80 times a night.

By choosing the right foam and firmness you will Improve "Your Quality of Sleep".

Start Every Day... with a good night's sleep!

start every day with a good night sleep

12 ways to improve your sleep

  1. Keep regular sleep hours
  2. Exercise on a regular basis
  3. Have a bedtime routine
  4. Create the right environment
  5. Watch what you eat
  6. Cut down on caffeine
  7. Drink in moderation
  8. Try to avoid smoking
  9. Keep stress in check
  10. Learn how to relax
  11. Sleep on good foam
  12. Sleep on the right firmness