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What's Inside Matters!

On a weekly basis we get emails or visits from people that drive from 3 or 4 hours away to buy the best mattress at a great factory direct price. And here is the reason why.

"I'm looking for a company that has detailed foam information readily available and will share it willingly with its customers, showing transparency. I am not at all impressed by my experience with store bought mattresses and what I have been reading about the big names out there, using lower quality foams and selling these beds at inflated prices!"

France F. - Belleville, ON

According to Bedding Industry experts, "...consumers don't really know what to look for in sleep products. Instead, they buy what is sold to them by retail salespeople". If you want to avoid the pitfalls of mattress shopping and a bad mattress experience you should come in and see us.

The onus is on you to get better educated by a sleep products manufacturer, like Foamite. We have a deeper understanding of real sleep attributes and the right ways to meet them.

We stock the best and most natural comfort ingredients from all over the world. We will show you the difference between Real Comfort, heavier grades of foam that last longer, and Fake Comfort, lighter weight grades that mat down prematurely, that is sold in the majority of mattress stores.

Some fakes are obvious but not the ones that you cannot see! If you want to Sleep Better or sit on something more comfortable, Foamite can give you the Real Comfort solutions that you need to succeed.

There is a big difference between the imitation of comfort that they will sell you at a mattress store and the Real Comfort that you can buy from Foamite at a great Factory Direct price. Come in and get Comfortable, FOR REAL!

Foamite is the best kept secret for better sleep!

  1. We carry 45 grades of foam.
  2. We carry the best memory foams - they are not all the same.
  3. As a base we have heavier natural high resiliency soy-based foam that will maintain its shape and firmness longer than conventional polyurethanes.
  4. We use Ergocheck Testing, new sleep technology, to determine what firmness is right for you.
  5. We can make your memory foam mattress in 6 different compressions or 25 varying degrees of those compressions (see Design Your Own).
  6. We can even make the same bed with two different firmness levels.
  7. We are Canadian. We do not use any parts imported from China.
  8. Our foam does not contain any PBDES or TRIS Fire Retardants. It does not off-gas.
  9. We have been in business since 1988. We know better sleep and good comfort.
  10. We are more than a mattress store. We are comfort and sleep experts.
  11. Now, you can buy a Premium Canadian Mattress made with the best ingredients, custom made just the way you like it on your side, for a lot less than an imported mattress that is grossly overrated.
  12. If you don't like Memory Foam we have all the other grades that are available and our exclusive Koosh Natural soy-based HR foam which is the first of its kind in the marketplace today.

Why Sleep on Foam?

  • Foam is the key comfort ingredient used in all mattresses.
  • It is the fastest growing sleep surface and
  • The No.1 brand of mattress sold today.

How do we compare to others? Very well... see for yourself.

The No. 1 Brand in North America

The number one brand is a memory foam mattress assembled in the United States with parts imported from China. They are marketing giants and the reason why their mattresses cost more is because they pay so much for marketing and distribution costs.

Simply Put: Their original mattress was a 3" layer of memory foam that is laminated on to a 5" polyurethane base.

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