Natural Back Care

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Did you know using your spine out of alignment is as inefficient as bouncing a deflated basketball?

1. Discover your natural curve

How is your head, shoulders, knees and toes? You probably know that they are all connected to the spine, but may not dwell on it as much as we do. Medical Researchers are now observing what Chiropractors have known for years that discovering, adjusting and maintaining the natural curve in your spine are essential for optimal health.

You, or someone you know, may have gone to a Chiropractor for a bad lower back, but you may not think of your spine for dizziness, insomnia, hypertension or asthma - even though you should. The fact is you do not feel it when your spine has lost its normal curve. However, left undetected and uncorrected, many poor health conditions will result.

Imagine trying to bounce a deflated basketball. That is how inefficiently you will perform and what it means to have a spine that has lost its natural curve. It is well documented that the normal healthy shape of your natural curve should measure between 37 and 43 degrees. It is also important to know the shape of your curve when deciding on a sleep surface. Some surfaces are better than others for different degrees of curvatures.

Most people will wait until these small spinal problems become big and painful before seeing someone. However, just like you need to brush your teeth to prevent cavities, you can improve the "quality of your life" immensely if you take the time to discover your spine, its natural curve and how it affects other parts of your body especially when it is out of alignment.

2. Adjust problem areas

Once you know your natural curve it is much easier to determine if it is out of alignment and if an adjustment is necessary. There are a number of ways that your spine can shift out of alignment. Some are: gravity pulling down on us, lifting, twisting, slipping, falling, accidents, poor posture and of course sleeping for 8 hours on a mattress that is either too soft or too firm.

Chiropractors can help you adjust your spine to its natural alignment with low force gentle techniques. You also improve your quality of life by paying attention to those situations or actions that may have thrown your spine out of alignment.

Every driver knows that if they drive too fast over a curb it may throw their wheels out of alignment and that it should be checked, but people do not take the time to consider this when their spine is involved. It is what you do between adjustments that will determine how long your body can hold the alignment that was provided. That's why it's good to go to bed properly adjusted and to wake up the same way. For the rest of your life, you need to take care of your spine!

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3. Maintain proper spine alignment

By sleeping on a properly configured mattress that is specifically designed for your weight, back condition and preference.

Your sleep surface should hold the spine as close as possible to its natural alignment while standing, regardless if you are a side or back sleeper.

4. Naturally without harmful substances

There is a better way to control back pain without the use of drugs. You can also prevent health problems by sleeping on natural products, like Koosh Natural, that do not off-gas and that are not made with harmful chemicals and substances.

Sleep Better. Live Better.

In the mezzanine, above our showroom, you can make an appointment to visit with our Back Doctor. He can analyze the curvature of your spine and make recommendations on what type of sleep surface you should sleep on. You can also try numerous combinations of layers on our test mattress until you find the right one for your size and spinal curve.

In our Ergocheck Area we can test for pressure points to see if the combination you have chosen is the right one for proper comfort, support and spine alignment.

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