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Ideal for people with different wants or needs
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Finding the right mattress is like finding the right partner. Think about it. If you are going to spend a third of your life in bed you want to spend it with someone and on something that is a good source of comfort, that you can count on for support and where special moments come to life, be it: snuggling with a partner, watching a movie with your kids, breakfast in bed for a special occasion or just chilling with a good book.

This makes choosing the right mattress very important. Not only should it give you a comfy night's sleep, it is also essential for good health as it keeps your spine properly aligned. For us to make you the right one, you need to understand the importance of each layer and the role it plays in giving you the best coolness, comfort, support and durability.

The Best Mattress for You and Your Partner

At Foamite not only can you choose between medium or firm you can actually choose between different levels of medium or firm. This is accomplished by combining different grades of foam that are the same quality but have different compressions.

Once we figure out where you are weight wise, on our Ergocheck Test Chart (Ergocheck Testing), then we can fine tune the level of firmness even further to suit your lower back condition or personal preference. For example, if you weigh less than 140lbs, according to the scientific test results, you should sleep on a medium soft mattress to avoid uncomfortable pressure points.

In the medium soft category you can choose from within a firmness range of ER#'s 19 to 23 lbs./cu. ft. The 19 is on the softer side of the range and 23 is on the firmer end. Depending on your preference and back condition you can choose a number anywhere in your range.

The Ergo Number Calculation

Your Ergo Number is derived by doing a weighted average of the various compressions that are used to make up your mattress. Each grade of foam is rated by its density, which determines the durability of the foam and its compression, which indicates its firmness. In each density range you can choose from a number of different compressions. For example, in the Preserve and Koosh Natural lines you can choose amongst the KN11 (super soft), PR23 (medium soft), PR28 (medium), KN31 (medium firm), KN41 (firm) or KN51 (extra firm).

The last two numbers, of the part number, indicate the firmness of the foam. By multiplying the thickness of each layer you will get the total overall compression of that particular combination. Once you divide the total compression by the total thickness you will then get the average compression of the mattress. This is your Ergo Number.

Vary the firmness of each layer for custom personalized comfort and support

the best and most comfortable mattress

Custom sides and custom sizes available