Smart iFoam

Modern Foam for Modern Comfort Needs

The comfort of Smart iFoam using the intelligence [i] of micro-sphere technology!

Modern foam is designed for modern comfort needs. New intelligent [i] foam cools your sleep area when it is hot, deters bed bugs with silver ions and is scented with chamomile and lavender. If you don't like that you can also choose the unscented version. You decide what is best for you.

iFoam is produced with PCM micro-spheres that encapsulate various characteristics to produce the ultimate comfort and sleep experience. PCM stands for 'Phase Changing Materials'. If you chose to go with Thermo iFoam then you will receive the benefits of a more consistent temperature in your sleep surface. There is nothing more relaxing than a warm comfortable bed. New iFoam helps to maintain a constant temperature - not too hot and not too cold.

Swiss Sensal Mattresses are made with the best
of everything - iFoam, Koosh & Neogel

The Distinctive Benefits of iFoam

iFoam will help ensure that the body gets to a comfortable sleeping temperature more quickly and stays there longer. This alone will help increase the best quality of sleep which is also known as REM sleep.

If you want an even cooler sleep surface we can add a layer of NeoGel. The main application fields for iFoam are high end mattresses, pillows and sportswear. The Swiss Sensal mattress is made with the best and most natural comfort ingredients from all over Europe. It is the best Swiss quality but the mattresses are still made here, in Canada, at a great factory direct price.

Foam able to thermoregulate zones that come in contact with your body to create an ideal micro-climate
Smart foam embedded with silver ions that provide antibacterial action and prevents dust mites and bed bugs
Foam made with micro-capsules that release scented essential oils in a slow and modulated process
Intelligent foam with active carbons that effectively absorb and reduce micro-organisms that create odours

Actual Test Results

The iFoam results are shown in blue, the regular foam is shown in red. When you overlay the two you see the difference in the peaks and valleys. The micro-capsules maintain a constant temperature so that you will not be as hot or as cold as you would be on conventional mattresses made with polyurethane foam toppers. Tested in accordance to ASTM-D7024 specifications.

How do PCM micro-spheres work?

Thermo micro-spheres act as heat accumulators which draw on the physical phenomenon of phase transition to absorb latent heat flux. They accumulate a high quantity of energy while keeping temperature constant. When the micro-capsules absorb the heat they make the surrounding area cooler and in case there is a drop in temperature, the micro-capsules release heat back into the area to make it warmer. It is that simple and that smart. The PCM micro-spheres keep you cool when you are hot and warm when you are not!

Imagine holding an ice cube in your hand. If there were micro-capsules in your hand they would continually work to reverse the process of extreme levels of hot or cold. If the ice cube is too cold, heat would be released into the area this in turn would melt the ice cube and make the surrounding area feeling warmer. On the other hand if the area is too warm (warm enough for the ice cube to turn from a solid to a liquid) the micro-capsules would then absorb the heat and thereby allow the liquid to turn back into a solid once again.

This is a reversible and on-going process that continues to take place foam that maintains a constant temperature inside the iFoam which is made with PCM micro-spheres. The only foam in the world made like that is iFoam. It has been produced in Europe for the past couple of years and is now available in North America, exclusively at Foamite.