Qik-Driā„¢ Outdoor Foam

Ideal Foam for Your Outdoor Comfort Needs

Very Dry. Very Fast. Very Comfortable.

In outdoor cushioning applications your products require a cushion that will withstand rigorous use wet or dry. Qik-Dri is ideal for outdoor furniture, golf carts, boat cushions and other cushioned surfaces that are exposed to the elements.

  • Qik-Dri is a reticulated (extremely open cell) material that possesses ultimate fluid drain-ability, while providing durability and comfort.
  • It is manufactured with a built-in fungicidal additive that inhibits fungus and mildew - important for retarding stain and odour.
  • Qik-Dri is now available in medium (QD30) and firm (QD50) compressions to allow our customers even greater flexibility when designing outdoor cushioning solutions.

  • Qik-Dri provides durability which is comparable to existing cushioning foams. It essentially eliminates the problems caused by moisture being trapped in conventional foam cushioning applications where exposure to outdoor elements requires a unique solution.
  • Whether direct moisture (like rain or liquid spills) or dew, mist, fog or other environmental elements, Qik-Dri will completely shed these elements and provide a fast-drying, comfortable cushion.

Odd shapes or sizes can be easily fabricated the same as conventional foam. Cushions may also be lightly wrapped with polyester fibre for a fuller look. Koosh Natural is also good for outdoor use if covered with an outdoor waterproof fabric.

It is mould and mildew resistant. Use it in outdoor furniture or seating. Also works great as a cool comfort layer under a mattress topper to dissipate heat and moisture. Add a layer to your Latex mattress.