Other Supplies

For the Upholstery Trade or Do It Yourself

poly rolls of foam for furniture padding

Poly Rolls

Available in 1/4", 1/2" and 1" thicknesses. The rolls come in stock widths of 24", 27", 30" and 54". With the proper notice we can also cut a big 84" wide roll into whatever widths you require.
polyester fibre terylene fortrel dacron rolls

Polyester Fibre

This product is used for cushion wrapping to give the cushion a fuller and more rounded look. It is available in 1/2", 1.25", 2", and 3" thicknesses. Polyester fibre is also referred to as fibre wrap, terelyne or fortrel. It is available in rolls that are 24", 27", 30", 36”, 48” and 60” wide. Fibre is sold by the pound.
decoritive fibre shredded foam throw pillow inserts

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are filled with polyester and used as inserts for decorative pillows on your sofa or bed. They are available in 16", 18", 20” and 24” squares. They can be ordered individually or for a better price in bags of 25.
round foam daybed sofa arm bolsters

Round Bolsters

We can cut any diameter or length as per your requirements. Please keep in mind that our contour machine can only cut lengths up to 54" long. Anything longer than 54" will have to be joined.
angled wedged foam back bolsters

Wedge Bolsters

These wedges are great for reading and sitting up in bed. We can angle various sizes and heights. Please call or e-mail us your needs.
foam encased spring sofa cushions

Spring Filled Cushions

Spring cores can be sandwiched in the middle of two layers of foam. These types of cushions are used by high end manufacturers for the ultimate in comfort and support.
foam glue spray adhesive cans

Adhesive Cans

Excellent adhesive for foam and fabric. It is designed to bond urethane foam pieces together. It is also used to bond foam and fabric to metals, vinyl, wood, paper and leather. Its unique lace spray pattern offers low soak-in for a better soft pliable bond.
water based glue for joining foam together

Adhesive Pails

Helmitin 1529 Foam Adhesive is available in a 13.25L / 3.5 GAL pails for trades that need more than just a can full - used in same applications as cans above.
silicone spray cans for foam cushion stuffing

Silicone Cans

Silicone reduces friction and speeds up your production in upholstering, sewing and woodworking. It can be used on polyurethane and rubber based foam, fabric, plastic, metal and wood.
hard foam sofa and chair deck edge

Deck Edge

This wedge shaped foam is used on the edge of furniture decking to keep the cushions from sliding off. Deck edge is available in different sizes and is made with rebond (re-cycled foam) or X550 foam (new material).
loose fibre for toy furniture back stuffing

Loose Holofill

Soft loose padding that can be used for stuffing in pillows and furniture backs. Loose Hollo is available in bags that are approximately 20 pounds in weight.
custom foam v berth boat mattresses

Boat Mattresses

Bring us a template or paper pattern and we will cut it to your exact size in any combination of foams that you prefer. We can also angle cut or undercut the foam to fit the exact shape of your boat's bow.
custom round or odd shaped mattresses

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses can be cut to any shape or size. Choose from 45 different grades of foam and we can make a mattress for you in any thickness you require. See mattresses if you want something better than just a straight slab of foam.
convoluted eggcrate seat mattress topper foam

Convoluted Foam

This foam is commonly known by the public as egg crate foam because of its unique shape. It can be used for a mattress topper, for packaging or even as a topper of a fabricated seat cushion.
convoluted accoustical sound proofing foam

Acoustical Foam

This foam is also cut in a convoluted pattern but its cell structure is different than regular foam. It is commonly used for soundproofing applications. The standard size of the sheets is 60" x 84".
foam blocks mats for gymnastic pit applications

Foam Cubes

Small blocks of foam commonly used in gymnastic pits.
shredded foam for toy furniture back stuffing

Shredded Foam

Ground up foam that is sold by the pound and can be used for toy, pillow or furniture stuffing. It is available in bags that are approximately 20 pounds in weight.
scrap foam pieces for packaging and stuffing

Scrap Foam

This foam is sold by the pound for packaging and is also used in the bottoms of gymnastic pits underneath the foam cubes. Excess scrap is shredded and bonded for use as carpet underlay.