Other BioFoams

Better for You and the Environment

SoyBased Hybrid BioFoams

If you could pull up to a gas pump to order comfort, our comfort station would offer a much wider selection of options than most other stations.

Not only can you choose from one of our conventional grades, you can now choose from our various BioFoam grades. Our exclusive brands of: Ecocell (Regular Unleaded), NeoCell HD (Plus), or Koosh Natural (Premium).

Ecocell has some soy content, NeoCell has more and Koosh Natural has the most soy content of any foam in the marketplace today.

Ecocell is high density foam that outperforms the conventional lighter weight petrochemical polyurethane grades. NeoCell HD and Koosh Natural, High Resiliency grades, are heavier than Ecocell and they also outperform polyurethane grades in both height loss and firmness retention.

High Resiliency grades possess unique memory enhancing properties to resist uneven wear and deliver superior spring back.

All you feel is luxurious long lasting comfort. The heavier weight and the High Resiliency cell structure create a more supportive, resilient and comfortable seat cushion or full foam mattress. Independent lab testing confirms their superior performance over conventional polyurethane grades (see Foam Grades).

Leave a Smaller Footprint

In terms of energy consumption and global warming, our BioFoams are responsible products. They leave a smaller environmental footprint compared to other petroleum-based foam.

The choice is yours. It's your world as much as ours and you can make a difference. When you buy furniture or bedding don't just look at the exterior. Give some thought to what goes inside. It's what's inside that counts! You can now make a responsible choice without sacrificing style, comfort or quality.

And if you shop at the right place, factory direct, you can do it without paying a premium.

* Results based on Preliminary Life Cycle Analysis by Five Winds International