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Please provide a paper pattern to cut this shape accurately. If you don't have the old foam insert, make the pattern 1/2" bigger than the cover, all around, excluding the thickness.

Fibre will be added to the Top, Bottom, Front and Side of Lug. The Front is determined by the Width (B).
Unit Cost
Koosh Natural

The best High Resiliency and Natural Foam grade.

Meant for commercial and high-end applications.

Does not soften with use like the lighter weight polyurethane foam grades.

No off-gassing, Certified Pure and the most natural.

Foam Grade Sample Koosh Natural

High Density foam available in 5 different compressions.

Outperforms regular foam grades in both height loss and firmness retention.

Made with more soy bean oil content than Ecocell.

Used in firmer seating or mattress core applications.


Most furniture makers use 1.5 to 1.8 lb density foam for seats. Ecocell is better.

Used by upholsteres for replacement cushions.

It is made with some soy bean oil content.

No harmful chemicals or substances in these grades.


Qik-Dri is ideal for outdoor cushions that are exposed to the elements.

Made with bigger open cells that possess ultimate water drainability.

It is made with a built-in fungicidal additive that inhibits fungus, mildew and fabric stains.

Colour of Other Foam Grades

1445C Charcoal Grey
MF12 Memory Foam
VG10 ViscoGel Memory
1530 and Other Poly Grades*

* Other Poly (Polyurethane) foam grades include: 1030, 1118, 1338, 1517, 1530, 1543, 1570, 1830, 1838 and 1850

The Right Foam for the Right Job

Please note

1. The Life Expectancy, in the table below, is only an estimate derived from laboratory tests such as ISO-Pounding and the Roller Shear test. Actual results may vary depending on size of people and use.

2. The white polyurethane foam grades will keep their shape for the estimated time but will soften with use quicker than High Resiliency grades like Koosh Natural.

Scroll the table to the right to view more details.
Category Foam Grade Life Expectancy * Density
(lbs / ft)
Foam Firmness Price Per
Bd Ft
Recommended Applications
Seat Mattress
Lightest Weight
Lowest Cost
1030 6 mths 1 yr 1.0 Medium $1.35

Packing foam, cheaper pillows, outside backs & arms, used for toppers in conventional spring mattress.

1112 Backs 2 yr 1.1 Super Soft $1.49

Thicker furniture backs greater than 4" thick or softer pillows. The firmness should be higher when thickness is lower. For 2" & 3" backs use 1118 or even better 1517.

1118 Soft
1324 Backs 3 yr 1.3 Medium Soft $1.65

Good furniture backs & arms. Basic occasional bedding i.e. Camp mattresses. For firmer or thinner commercial backs, used for backs with buttons for stuffing.

1338 Medium Firm
Basic Seat &
Mattress Grades
1517 2 yr 3 yr 1.5 Soft $1.95

For better quality backs use 1517. Use 1.5 lb. for basic seating in office furniture, dinette seats or furniture that is sold at flea markets or discount stores. Has a low cost but also has a lower performance level. Can be used for Sofa Bed mattresses or better Camp mattresses for longevity and heavier use.

1530 Medium
1535 Medium Firm
1543 Firm
Good Value Used
By Furniture
1828 4 yr 6 yr 1.8 Medium $2.63

This line is mostly used by furniture manufacturers that supply furniture to good stores. Good value for a conventional foam. Used for seating and bedding applications for full foam mattresses. Stores and online mattress in a box marketers call it the best. We make better mattresses because we use better foam.

1835 Medium Firm
1845 Firm
Very Hard
Specialty Grades
1445C 2 yr 3 yr 1.4 Firm $2.10

Used in packaging applications and curling bumpers.

1570 3 yr 4 yr 1.8 XX-Firm $2.19

For 2" gym mats & really firm applications where thickness is limited. Better quality gym mats, exercise equipment, firm edges for extra firm mattresses. Remember the denisty determines durability and not the firmness.

X550 8 yr 10 yr 2.2 Super Firm $3.15
(Open Cell)
Outdoor Foam
QD20 6 yr 8 yr 1.8 Soft $4.49

Qik-Dri Outdoor Foam ideal for outdoor cushions that are exposed to the elements. However, if you are using outdoor fabric you may also want to consider Koosh which is also mould & mildew resistant.

QD30 Medium
QD50 6 yr 8 yr 2.0 Firm $4.95
ECOCELL - Good 2.0 lb High Density Soy-Based Foam
Soy-Based BioFoam EC26 5 yr 8 yr 2.0 Medium $2.89

Most furniture manufacturers use the 1.5 lb to 1.8 lb density range for furniture seating. At 2.0 lbs per cubic foot Ecocell exceeds what is conventionally used. This line is good value for good furniture and bedding applications. For those that think beyond comfort and design. White in colour. See Other BioFoams.

EC36 Medium Firm
EC46 Firm
EC55 Extra Firm
NEOCELL HD - Better Soy-Based High Density Foam
High Density
Soy-Based BioFoam
NC30 10 yr 12 yr 2.2 Medium $3.59

NeoCell is the best High Density foam made in Canada. This means it will outperform conventional grades in both height loss and firmness retention. Our BioFoam grades contribute to environmental awareness and preservation by reducing energy consumption and global warming. Independent lab testing confirms NeoCell's superior performance over conventional polyurethane grades.

NC36 Medium Firm
NC45 Firm
NC65 XX-Firm
PRESERVE - Premium High Density HR Foam
High Resiliency
Soy-Based BioFoam
PR18 6 yr 8 yr 2.0 Soft $3.65

Softer grades for premium backs or softer seat applications. This is also a high resiliency (HR) line, like Koosh Natural, but not as natural. HR foam is heavier and does not soften with use like conventional polyurethane grades. It is also more open cell that allows for better air flow and cooler sleep surfaces.

PR23 12 yr 15 yr 2.6 Medium Soft $4.39
PR28 Medium
KOOSH NATURAL (KN) - The Best and Most Natural High Resiliency Foam
The Best Grades for
or High-End Residential
KN11 15 yr 20 yr 3.0 Super Soft $5.18

Memory foam like properties. It is luxuriously soft, natural, open cell (breathes better) and not temperature sensitive like memory foam.

KN31 12 yr 15 yr 2.6 Medium Firm $4.89

Koosh Natural's unique cell structure and natural soy content sets new standards. It has a softer surface, greater comfort and support, and better fatigue resistance than conventional polyurethane foam.

KN41 Firm
KN51 Extra Firm
VISCOELASTIC - Space Age Technology For Great Pressure Relief
Memory Foam
also know as
MF2512 12 yr 15 yr 2.5 Super Soft Memory Foam Toppers $4.98
Memory foam relieves pressure points and improves comfort. However, it is too soft to be used all by itself. Usually, it is the comfort layer on top of another foam grade that provides the support. Koosh is the most natural but our ViscoSoy (VS) and Koosh ViscoGel (VG) are also made with some soy bean oil content.
VG4010 15 yr 20 yr 4.0 $6.65
VS4010 $7.45
* Items in green are either all natural or made with varying degrees of renewable resources.

* Life Expectancy

ISO-Pounding and the Roller Shear flex fatigue tests are performed to determine foam durability, or how well foam retains its firmness and height properties after repeated compression. They are also used to grade the various foams for sale. They help predict the performance of the foam in actual cushioning and bedding applications. In the case of ISO-Pounding the sample is repeatedly pounded.

In the Roller Shear test an average weight of 170 lbs. is repeatedly rolled over a foam sample from two directions, typically for about 25,000 cycles, in the same spot for thousands of cycles. The compression or height loss is measured at various intervals to help determine the life expectancy of each foam grade.

The Right Firmness Based on Ergocheck Pressure Testing Technology.

YOUR WEIGHT Used for Toppers < 140 lbs. 140 to 180 180 to 220 220 to 260 260 to 299 300+ lbs.
FIRMNESS (ILD) 10 to 18 19 to 23 24 to 30 31 to 37 38 to 44 45 to 54 55 ILD +

(Listed from most to least expensive)
VG10 PR23 PR28 KN31 KN41 KN51 NC65
MF12 NC30
KN11 QD30 EC46 NC45
PR18 1830 NC36
1517 1530 EC55 1570
EC26 EC36 1845 QD50
1118 1030 1543
* Please Note:
  1. The last 2 numbers represent the firmness of the foam. The higher the number the firmer the foam will feel.
  2. The foam will feel softer when you sit on it as opposed to when you lay on it in a mattress application. This is due to more weight being concentrated in a smaller area. Choose Firmness based on use.
  3. Know that 80% of seat cushions made are between Medium (26 ILD) and Firm (45 ILD) based on a 4" thick cushion.
  4. A thinner foam, in the same firmness (ILD), will feel softer than a thicker piece. Base your foam firmness on your desired thickness.
  5. The soft grades are used for backs or seat and mattress toppers when you layer 2 or more different firmness.