Memory Foam

Natural ViscoSoy Memory Foam

Turn down the pressure with high performance natural visco-elastic

Introducing a new class of visco-elastic (memory) foam that will provide natural comfort and support for your whole body. Some materials are unique within their categories. Enurtia is a revolutionary comfort material that is in a class all by itself.

It is the perfect union between technology and nature. The science of visco-elastic foam made with what they call in the east one of the 5 sacred grains - soy beans. It's good for you and for the environment.

Enurtia's exclusive shape-conforming properties offer substantially higher pressure dissipation than innerspring mattresses, particularly at key pressure points such as your shoulders and hips. And Enurtia significantly reduces motion transfer, as well. That means a better night's sleep on both sides of the bed.

Enurtia ViscoSoy Memory Foam is made with less petrochemicals

Enurtia stands up to years of use and provides the superior comfort you expect in a premium mattress. In fact, after a fatigue test of 25,000 cycles of 80% compression, Enurtia (combined with a Koosh Natural core) retained 100% of its height, while the comfort changed by only 1%. Both results demonstrate long-lasting durability far superior to traditional memory foam and even other nationally branded premium memory foam mattresses.

What is Memory Foam?

Some call it visco-elastic others call it memory foam. No matter what you call it, they all do the same thing, more or less. What is different about the various grades is their weight (density). The density determines how long it will last before it losses its memory.

Memory foam was originally developed for NASA to reduce the G Force pressure on their astronauts during take off and re-entry into the earth's atmosphere. For many years, it has been used in Hospital and medical applications in the treatment and cure of pressure sores.

It greatly reduces pressure points and provides relief to back pain sufferers or patients that are confined to their beds or wheel chairs for long periods of time. Memory foam gradually adjusts to the shape of your body with help from your weight and body temperature.

Be careful, there are many imposters.

There are lots of different grades of memory foam so come to Foamite to see and feel the difference. The type of foam used will determine how long you will be supported before you feel like you are sinking into your seat or mattress. The right combination will help you sleep better and more comfortably for a longer period of time.