Koosh Natural

Natural Foam for Long Lasting Real Comfort

Koosh Natural (KN), a Foamite brand, is natural high resiliency foam that has been used in many high end commercial and residential applications. These applications include seating at: Scotiabank Arena, Via Rail trains, Terminal 3 Airport seating, House of Commons, Royal Ontario Museum and hundreds of fine eating establishments throughout North America.

Koosh Natural was also chosen for outdoor seating at Caesar’s Palace and the Cabana Pool Bar at Polson Pier. 

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Koosh Natural (KN) and Preserve HR, for the softer grades, are premium high resiliency grades that will outperform regular polyurethane foam in terms of comfort, support, and durability. Not only do they maintain their shape and firmness, much longer, they are also CertiPUR-US certified and do not off-gas.

Koosh is for people that prefer the very best and think beyond just comfort and design. It is the best and most natural comfort ingredient used by high-end designers and furniture manufacturers. It is good for you and the environment.

For those that prefer the very best and
think beyond comfort and design

At Foamite, we created Koosh Natural, an alternative range of foam for sitting or sleeping, using renewable natural resources. Koosh Natural is made with soybean oil to replace most of the petrochemicals commonly used in the production of flexible polyurethane foam.

We can now help preserve our world by decreasing the consumption of petrochemicals and increasing the use of crops harvested from nature. The production of soybean oil is also more energy-efficient than its synthetic counterparts and the carbon footprint is also reduced. We think your family will enjoy the natural protection afforded by Koosh Natural.

The natural alternative is now available at Foamite. Koosh Natural represents our effort to do whatever we can to help the environment. As more caring designers and manufacturers have become aware of Koosh Natural, it has become the choice for the new sofas and mattresses we come in contact with every day.

Along with style and performance, there is also an eco-friendly option to consider. Although just beginning this natural trend will continue to grow and Foamite will respond by making more use of renewable resources and making Koosh the natural choice to meet the new demands. Join us in our commitment to respect environmental values. Act now and help preserve all our futures.

Foamite Scores with Koosh® HR Foam

IN THE NEWS – Considering the number of people that go through the Scotiabank Arena, it was important for management to find a grade of foam that could take a beating and still maintain its original shape and firmness.

Foamite wins bid to supply foam to refurbish the seats at the Scotiabank Arena

Foamite’s Koosh HR foam, won the bid as the best premium commercial grade for such a job.

Not only did it pass all the lab tests (ISO-Pounding, Roller Shear and The British Fatigue Test), to determine how long the foam would last before sagging, it was also the most affordable price option for refurbishing all the seats at the Scotiabank Arena.

Koosh outperforms conventional foam by a wide margin

“It was important for us and our reputation of being a quality supplier, to provide the ACC with the best foam available in North America at the best possible price”, said Bob Dimas, Foamite’s President. “Not only was it important from a business perspective, it was just as important from a personal point of view, considering the number of friends that are season’s ticket holders for both The Toronto Maple Leafs and The Toronto Raptors.”

Koosh outperforms conventional foam cushioning by a wide margin in both firmness retention and resiliency, thereby giving lasting comfort that is second to none.