Baby Sleep Solutions

To help you and your little one earn the much-needed shut-eye that you both deserve, here are ten of our favorite sleep tips, tricks and facts:

1) Avoiding Eye Contact
The last thing you want to do right before bed is excite your baby. Prolonged or animated eye contact with you, is one of the most stimulating things for your little one. So avert your eyes when you’re putting him to sleep or calming her when she wakes.

2) Bathtime
Warm water, combined with soft and loving strokes with a washcloth can relax just about anyone. Forgo the squirt toys and keep voices and activity low to make bath time a soothing experience for your little one.

3) The Right Crib Mattress
People need to start paying more attention to what their babies are sleeping on. Especially, when they realize that they are actually getting greater exposure to toxic chemicals from their mattress than from anywhere else.

The best option for your baby’s rest is our Koosh Natural Crib Mattress. It is a premium high density and high resiliency foam that is used in commercial applications because it provides the best comfort, support, and durability. Not only does it maintain its shape and firmness much longer than conventional polyurethane foams, Koosh Natural foam does not off-gas and is certified pure.

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4) Empty the Crib
Blankets, bumpers and stuffed animals can be hazardous, increasing the odds of suffocation or choking. A fitted sheet is all he needs on his mattress. If you’re worried about warmth, try a sleep sack instead of a loose blanket.

5) Be Hands On
When you transfer your baby into the crib at bedtime, try putting your hand gently on her stomach, arms, and head to comfort and soothe her. Something as simple as having you close can do wonders for your little one’s security at night.

6) Ideal Bedtime
An overtired baby is often impossible to get to sleep. Setting an established bedtime is important, and many experts believe that between 6:30 and 7 p.m. is an appropriate bedtime for most babies under 1-year-old.

7) Lights Out
To help your little night owl understand when it’s bedtime, keep her room dark. Forgo night lights and use dark curtains or blackout shades to simulate nighttime during the day. When it’s time for her to wake up, whether in the morning or after a nap, open the curtains and let light in to help her to understand the difference.

8) Overnight Diapers
Wet diapers at night can be bothersome. If she sleeps through a wet diaper (bowel movements should be changed immediately), and you’re not treating a diaper rash, don’t wake her. Super-absorbent overnight diapers, along with an application of diaper cream for skin protection, if needed, will keep her comfortable and, one hopes, asleep.

9) Swaddling
Ask any new parent, and many will tell you that learning to make a “baby burrito” is one of the most important skills when it comes to your baby’s slumber. Your newborn was used to being tightly packed in your womb, so being wrapped in a swaddling blanket duplicates the experience, helping him to sleep better.

10) Understanding Cues
Instead of waiting for a full-on meltdown, look for cues that he’s tired. He might rub his eyes, become whiny or yawn. Some overtired babies may do just the opposite and act wound-up, confusing parents. Pay attention to your baby’s unique cues, and it will be easier to determine when he’s ready for bed.


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